Characteristic Fishing Ports

  • Shenao Fishing Port

    Shenao Fishing Port is located in Shenao Bay in Shenao Neighborhood of Ruifang District. It is close to the exit of Provincial Highway 62 (Ruibin) and Jinguashi-Jiufen area, making it a location with ...

    =Shenao Fishing Port
  • Shuinandong Fishing Port

    Located in Lianxin Neighborhood of Ruifang District, Shuinandong Fishing Port is nearby the drainage way of Li-Le Copper Refining Factory of the old Taiwan Metal Mining Corp in Jinguashi and has a ber...

    =Shuinandong Fishing Port
  • Nanya Fishing Port

    Nanya Fishing Port is featured with convenient transportation as it is located right next to the coastal road in Nanya Neighborhood of Ruifang District in New Taipei City. The port has a berth of 1...

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  • Bitou Fishing Port

    With a berth of 13,690 m2, Bitou Fishing Port is located inside the western bay of Bitou Cap in Ruifang District of New Taipei City. As the port has its mouth opened to the northwest, it is difficult ...

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