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【Audi Fishing Harbor】Follow me to Audi to enjoy its simple style and serene views

Audi Fishing Harbor was a shelter during the Japanese occupation. As the harbor has abundant fishing resources, it has become a distribution center for seafood. This is a good place for those who like fishing and for gourmands to try different kinds of seafood. Recently, the harbor promoted its whale-watching tour, which has made it become well-known. Many people have admired the beautiful scenery of the sea and experienced the beauty of Formosa here.

Ancient stone houses

On an old street going toward Audi Fishing Harbor, some old houses still preserve the unadorned and serene look of a stone house. In the early days when the traffic was inconvenient, there was only a one-way road going toward the village, so its landscapes are mostly intact, and beautiful views can be seen everywhere. As it only had trails to connect with outside, it was like an isolated outdoor village. Although it did not have convenient environment, it was a large village before.

Zhenli Neighborhood, Gongliao District, New Taipei City

Sea Chub and Brassy Chub Seafood Restaurant

If you want to try seafood at Sea Chub and Brassy Chub Seafood Restaurant on holidays, you must make a reservation. As there are abundant sea chubs and brassy chubs in winter in the Northeastern Coast, the restaurant has been named after the two species of fish. In addition, it is famous for its very fresh seafood. Its white signboard and long lines of people have made it highly recognizable. Although it does not have resplendent decoration and detailed prices, it is still well-known far and near. The restaurant is certainly a must-go when you come to Audi Fishing Harbor.

No. 51, Renhe Road, Gongliao District, New Taipei City


Audi Fishing Harbor

The main catches of Audi Fishing Harbor include sailfish, Seriola dumerili, squids, cuttlefish, lobsters and groupers. Because there are numerous seafood restaurants near the harbor, this place has become a gathering location for seafood gourmands. The seafood here is not only fresh, but also cheap. Moreover, the harbor has a fish market, freezing plant, gas station, boat-building factory and so on to let people enjoy authentic culture of a fishing harbor.

Zhenli Neighborhood, Gongliao District, New Taipei City

Renhe Temple

Renhe Temple located on Coastal Highway is a religious center of residents at Audi Fishing Harbor, and it has over 150 years of history. The temple enshrines Mazu, a sea goddess that fishermen believe in, and its architecture is straight with two rows, three roof ridges and gabbled roofs. A sign has been set up next to the temple, and you can follow the direction to visit its grand and beautiful commemorative cemetery. On the gravestone it writes “Wu Sha who developed Yilan,” which makes the temple more mystical.

No. 9, Renhe Road, Gongliao District, New Taipei City


Fulong Beach

Fulong Beach has always been renowned for its ocean views and crescent arch bridge. The beach is suitable for sailing, having fun in the water, surfing, canoeing and other marine activities. In recent years, Fulong has been promoted to be a premium tourist attraction in the scenic area. To provide people with better service, a theme resort has been built to let people enjoy a high-class vacation here in Taiwan.

No. 40, Xinglong Street, Fulong Neighborhood, Gongliao District, New Taipei City