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Shenao Fishing Port

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Shenao Fishing Port is located in Shenao Bay in Shenao Neighborhood of Ruifang District. It is close to the exit of Provincial Highway 62 (Ruibin) and Jinguashi-Jiufen area, making it a location with convenient transportation.

At night, people can enjoy the beauty of lights from the mountain village in Jiufen and fishing vessels drifting on the ocean. Shenao Fishing Port is the base for sea finishing vessels of New Taipei City as it is situated on a natural bay that helps to shelter from the wind and is close to fishing points like Keelung Islet and Pengjia Islet.

Besides, the area’s catch of Swordtip squid and neritic squid can reach 60% of the nation’s entire amount during the season.

During the golden age, the port has more than 20 sea fishing vessels (also the recreational fishing vessels). Nevertheless, due to amendment on regulations, recreational fishing vessels are inspected based on the standards for passenger vessels starting from this year (2012). As the consequence, most of the sea fishing vessels did not pass shipping administration authority’s inspection and therefore failed to renew recreational fishing vessel license and are illegible to take passengers out to sea.

In the future, central competent authority will be coordinated and suggested to make further amendment to keep local vessels’ recreational operation as a characteristic of Shenao’s sea fishing culture. Besides, the sunset night fishing tour will be packed as an extended trip of Shuinantung-Jinguashi-Jiufen area, helping tourists to get to know Shenao Fishing Port while transforming the region.

Mainly engaged in light fishery, vessels of the port usually work at night to attract Swordtip squid and neritic squid with strong light in order to catch them.

Most of the ships work not far from the coast, whereas other long line fisheries are conducted along the coast and travel froth and back within a day. As for the operations of stick-held dip net fishery, they are conducted in summer and autumn in oceans around Pengjia Islet and Huaping Islet.

The vessels’ catches are mostly neritic squid, red seabream, red big eye, silverfish, Purple surgeonfish, Swordtip squid and Oriental bonito. In recent years, the pot is also known for the leisure sea fishing activities.


Shenao Fishing Port
Shenao Fishing Port
Shenao Fishing Port