Characteristic Fishing Ports

Linshanbi Fishing Port

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Located next to the White Sand Bay in Demao
Neighborhood of Shimen District in New Taipei City, Linshanbi Fishing Port is built on the western side of
the bay under the shelter of Linshanbi Cape. It has a wharf of 140m and a berth of 0.7 hectares.

The port was designated as the Type 3 Fishing Port by the Council of Agriculture (COA) under the (82) Letter No. 2040377A of Word Nong Yu on May 29 of 1993; it was then designated as the Type 2 Fishing Port in accordance with Fishing Port Act after the amendment made on 2006 under the control of New Taipei City government.

Besides, Linshanbi is within the range of Northern Coast National Scenic Area Project.


Linshanbi Fishing Port
Linshanbi Fishing Port
Linshanbi Fishing Port