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Caoli Fishing Port

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Originally named Alilao, Caoli Fishing Port is located next to Danjin Road in Caoli Neighborhood of Shimen District in New Taipei City, which is quite close to the Jinshan Nuclear Power Plant (No. 1).

With its mouth opened to the east, the port equipped with simple outer facilities can protect vessels from the northeaster wind. It has a berth of 0.39 hectare and a wharf o 252m that can be used to berth vessels and sampans.

The northern side of the berth tends to be quieter with stable conditions. Regarding land facilities, there are only slipway, dry-dock, water filling station, and tagging light poles. This port is offered to fishing vessels for normal operations only.

When the state of the sea is unfavorable such as big waves and wind, the ships all move to Fuji Fishing Ports to take shelter from the wind. The ships mostly work along the northern coast with long line and stick-held dip net.

Their main catches are anchovy and neritic squid, which are mostly unloaded here in the Caoli Fishing Port or Huanggang Fishing Port. Rests are unloaded in Taipei or Keelung.


Caoli Fishing Port
Caoli Fishing Port
Caoli Fishing Port