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1 fresh fish
Suitable amount of salt
Suitable amount of rice wine
(Sauté) Suitable amount of scallion section
(Sauté) Suitable amount of garlic
(Sauté) Suitable amount of ginger

Cooking method

  1. Preparation: Absorb excessive water content on fish with a paper towel. Cut three to four times obliquely on the fish. Smear rice wine and salt. After good smell comes out from sauté seasonings, set aside with the fish for 10 minutes.
  2. After oil boils, place the pickled fish on the pan. Fry until it is medium well and flip the fish over. Add sauté seasonings and fry until both sides turn golden.


  1. Before heating up oil, smear the frying pan with ginger chunks to prevent fish from sticking on the pan.
  2. When frying the fish, swing the pan lightly by holding the pan handle to let oil go into fish naturally from cuts and to make it evenly-cooked. Your strong arm is required for the tip.