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Website of the Fisheries and Fishing Port Affairs Management Office – Introduction of Characteristic Fisheries (Ruifang Recreational Fishery)

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Ruifang District has 4 fishing ports in total: Shenao, Shuinandong, Nanya and Bitou, where each of them is featured with their own characteristics. Among them, Shenao Fishing Port even received the honor of the No. 1 characteristic fishing port from the contest of "The Legend of Recreational Fishery - The Top 10 Classic Charming Fishing Port" held by the Fisheries Agency of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, in 2012. Shenao Fishing port offers visitors an absolutely great view that one can see Keelung Islet on the left side and Keelung Mountain on the right side; and if visitors raise their heads, they will see a panoramic view of the worldly known tourist attraction – Jiufen.

With an extensive view and splendid looks in days and at nights, this beautiful and exceptionally gifted port is the biggest fishing port in Ruifang District and is featured with characteristics of fisheries, tourism, ecology and entertainment. Shenao Fishing Port mainly carried out traditional fisheries in old days and, to respond to the transformation of traditional fisheries, many fishing vessels started to develop recreational fishery. In 1990s, Shenao started to launch recreational businesses and it was the port that had most sea fishing vessels in northern Taiwan.

Also because the region has developed the tourism industry relatively late, it is therefore managed to retain characteristics of traditional fishing villages and unique natural landscapes such as elephant's trunk rock, Indian chief rock and abrasion landscapes along the coast.

Beside, the region also has a submarine coal mine historic site – which was the biggest one in Taiwan in the 1990s – and abundant tourism resources in Shuinantung-Jinguashi-Jiufen area. All of them together with the beauty of mountain villages and a spacious ocean view have given Ruifang exceptional conditions of developing leisure fisheries.

To promote leisure fisheries, the Department has supported Ruifang Fishermen’s Association to train volunteers and to cultivate professionals for fishery related guided tours in order to offer people a complete traveling service, to increase tourists’ visit rate, and to make a prosperous development of local leisure fisheries. It is also expected that, by doing so, the local tourism development will be promoted and the beauty of Shenao Fishing Port will be presented to everyone.

At the nights of mid-summer, it is the busiest moment for sea fishing vessels. To let the citizens experience the funs of being a fisherman, the Department supports fishermen’s associations to hold sea fishing experiencing activities for leisure fisheries every year.

Apart from taking people out to sea to watch the sunset on the sea and look at the northeastern coast and nightscape of Jiufen from a distance, activities such as the exciting night sea fishing and fishery volunteers’ guided tours are also arranged to increase Shenao Fishing Port’s reputation, to build the brand image of Shenao in tourism and to promote the City’s recreational fisheries.