Being Prepared for Danger in Times of Peace for Safety of Fishing Boats

  • Date:2018-09-27
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[New Taipei City News] Today (September 27) is “2018 World Maritime Day,” and it happens to mark the 70th anniversary of International Maritime Organization (IMO). Therefore, “IMO70: Our Heritage—Better Shipping, Better Future” has been specially chosen as the theme of this year. To safeguard fishermen’s navigation safety on the sea, New Taipei City government has launched “New Taipei City Fishing Boat Insurance and Fire Safety Project” since 2014 to strengthen the concept of fishing boat fire safety and encourage fishermen to actively insure their fishing boats to prepare for any eventuality and enhance safety when they go to sea.
Something Unexpected May Happen Any Time so Always Prepare for a Rainy Day

  As the incidents of boats on fire, fishing boats running on a reef and being grounded and other marine accidents have emerged in an endless stream over the years, New Taipei City government has launched the project of fishing boat insurance and fire safety since 2014 to assist fishermen to build the concept of fishing boat safety and fortify their emergency response abilities. In addition to encouraging fishermen to insure their fishing boats, the project has simultaneously cooperated with fishermen’s associations of the city and experts to execute fire safety inspection to comprehend the fireproof facilities of fishing boats and enhance fishermen’s concept of fire safety and their emergency response abilities. Additionally, the government has cooperated with fishermen’s associations, insurance industry and professional firefighting instructors to provide hands-on operations and educational training, install fire alarms on fishing boats, inspect and renew fire extinguishers and take real actions to safeguard fishermen’s occupational, life and property safety.

  The Commissioner of Agriculture Department, New Taipei City Government, Wen Lee, indicated that until last year the city’s fishing boat insurance and fire safety project had urged 2,657 fishing boats to participate in insurance, assisted 237 fishing boats to complete fire inspection and have fire alarms installed and held 15 sessions of hands-on operations and educational training, with 630 people participating since it was launched in 2014. This year, the department will continue to entrust fishermen’s associations to organizing educational training and encourage fishermen to eagerly participate in it to make efforts for navigation safety and to bring more security to life on the sea.