Secret Spots in Yehliu Fishing Make Wanli a Blessed Place

  • Date:2018-08-22
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Situated by the sea and mountains, Yehliu in Wanli District has preserved numerous primitive scenes including coral stone houses in small lanes of Yehliu Fishing Village, Vasai Residence and Camel Peak which are secret tourist attractions in addition to “Queen's Head” in Yehliu Geopark because of its simple and honest people and the concentration effect of a metropolitan region.

Coral Stone Houses Built with Local Materials, and Vasai Residence, the Grocery Store with Memories of Good Old Days
Coral stone houses were built with coral stones. A coral stone house located in Lane 57 to the east of Yehliu Harbor has one hundred years of history. It was built with materials found in the fishing village including coral reefs, sandstone, yellow clay and shell powder. The house can prevent the wind and salt, and it is warm in winter and cool in summer. As time changes, this kind of ancient buildings are rarely seen. Walk upward along the slope next to the coral stone house, and you will see a small lane which is only wide enough for one adult to pass through. If you keep walking upward a few steps and turn right, you will come across “Vasai Residence” which has approximately one hundred years of history as well.
Yu-He Lin, a local travel expert in Wanli, said “Vasai Residence” was the first grocery store in Yehliu. The signboard of “stamp sales agency” is still hung at the entrance, but the residence is unoccupied. After a local club rented the place and requested craftsmen to repair and renovate it, volunteers have successively found ancient tops, woven rush raincoats, red wooden beds, kitchen cabinets and scales for people to look around. Additionally, activities of repairing fishing nets are provided for people to experience fishermen's life in early days.

Enjoy Tasty and Fresh Crabs and Have Fun at Fishing Village
Agriculture Bureau indicated that Yehliu Fishing Harbor was an important fishing harbor in Wanli District after the 1980s. It is a place full of the life of fishermen of early days. When you visit Wanli, you might want to explore coral stone houses and Vasai Residence in the fishing village and submerge yourself in the historical relics. Additionally, don't forget to try local catches of good quality such as squid, hairtail and the best Wanli crabs. Wanli crabs will soon be in season when they are rich in fat. So why don't you plan a small trip to the fishing harbor for yourself?

Facebook of Yehliu Vasai Residence: https://goo.gl/s4hNAq
Official website of Wanli crabs: https://wanlicrab.tw/index.php