Seafood of the Season in July – The Chicken Grunt from the Northeast coast is super delicious

  • Date:2018-07-21
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【News from New Taipei City】Are you still wondering where to go with your family in the dog days of summer? We recommend you to make your way through the northeast coast of New Taipei City! Apart from the jagged rocks and beautiful coast, you will find delightful seasonal seafood cuisine here – especially the chicken grunt with its harvest season in full swing! The chicken grunt, which harvested in summer, has tender and delicious flesh, which is ideal for braising, steaming, frying and even making a fish soup! This is the reason why chicken grunt is the must-have seafood for gourmets during their visit to the northeast coast!

This kind of fish can be found in surrounding waters of Taiwan. However, its principal habitats are warm-water and high-salinity rock reefs or artificial reefs in the northeast coast of New Taipei City. Chicken grunt likes to swim in groups, often forming an impressive grand sight. Although it can be caught throughout the year, its principal harvest season is summer. In New Taipei City, fishermen often catch chicken grunt using pole fishing not only to minimize impacts to the environment, but also to ensure that the flesh of chicken grunt remains fresh.
Hong Jian-De, the owner of the restaurant in Gongliao “The Homeland of Aoti”, expressed that summer was the perfect timing for eating chicken grunt in the northeast coast! Not only has chicken grunt thick and al dental flesh, but also it is rather simple to cook it. Just sprinkle some salt on the fillet and fry it with low fire to bring a crispy texture, or add in rice-wine and steam it to have a simple and sweet taste of the seafood in season.

The Agriculture Department, New Taipei City Government expressed that the water of the northeast coast was clean and contained nutrient salt due to its location at the tidal meeting point, and that delicious in-season seafood were often caught in this region. The Department sincerely invites everyone, when visiting the northeast coast of New Taipei City, stop by local restaurant to taste seafood of the season. Northeast coast is definitely the best destination for the parents and children to have fun together!