The Launch of Shen’ao Haitian Trail Light Sculpture, the public: “Shen’ao is even more beautiful at night, a private spot for seeing night view!”

  • Date:2018-05-05
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【New Taipei City News】After the upgrading of New Taipei City, the municipal government committed itself to the renovation of the fishing port. In the year of 2014, the 310-meter-long Haitian Scenic Trail was built alongside the Shen’ao Fishing Port. On December last year, the Light Sculpture project at Haitian trail was completed and it was launched today. After the launch of the Light Sculpture, it interacts with the lights from the Golden Mining town at Jiufen. The people on the scene cannot help but said, “Shen’ao Fishing Port is such a private spot for seeing night view! The later the night is, the more beautiful it become!”

In order to enhance the tourism awareness of Shen’ao Fishing Port, the launching activity of the Light Sculpture at Haitian trail has successfully ended with the guidance from the municipal government to the Ruifang District Fishermen’s Association. In addition to the warm-up performances starting at 3 pm, there were 3 free guided tours of the fishing village to lead the public to know the fishing port and fishing port culture. There was also a long queue at the stand providing 800 servings of limited fishery food and all of them were claimed immediately. The people said it’s fresh and delicious!

After Ye Hui-Ching, the vice mayor of New Taipei City, and VIP guests jointly launched the Light Sculpture of Haitian trail, rich color changes form light waves at night. With the playful and lively installation art and the wonderful LED lion dance performance, Haitian trail is even more beautiful at night! Under the starry night curtain, the points of light at Jiufen Golden Mining town and the lights on fishing boats together make a beautiful scene, making people forget about the hustle and bustle of the city. It is for sure a private spot where a panoramic view of the mountain and the sea is in sight.Ye Hui-Ching suggested that besides seeing special geological landscapes such as Trunk Rock and Chief Rock when people come to Shen’ao , they may stay at the fishing port for dinner and taste special local fishery cuisines, such as neritic squids and beltfish. When you are full, go for a walk at Haitian trail. Now with the scenery of Light Sculpture at Haitian trail in the evening, this will become a private sightseeing spot for seeing the night view. Welcome everyone to bring their family and experience the beauty of Shen’ao!