French Artists Stayed at Fishing Village and Drew Life There on Sea Dikes

  • Date:2016-10-20
  • Page View:1187
New Taipei City News】If you recently visit Mao'ao Fishing Village, you will find that its long sea dikes are painted with bustling marine markets, fishermen fishing, visitors biking and snorkeling and marine creatures at Mao'ao Bay. Additionally, there are several French-style illustrations in Mao'ao Square. These are the works of Hsueh-Yi Ho, an artist studying in France, and Benjamin, a French cartoonist, who came to the fishing village to experience life there.


At the end of April this year, Hsueh-Yi Ho and Benjamin, two artists, came to the simple and ordinary Mao'ao Fishing Village. Their unfamiliar faces rapidly blended into the life of local people. Local elders and artist Wang-Cun Pan often shared their life experiences at the fishing village with them as well. At the end of May, they painted a small section of sea dikes with students of Fu Lian Elementary School for visitors to admire. Under the support of local people and elders, blank walls by Mao'ao Square and long Mao'ao sea dikes have become the canvas of the two artists. They have turned their life at the fishing village and what they observed during their stay at the village in the past few months into wall paintings. Bustling marine markets, fishermen fishing by lights, old female divers diving into the sea to pick gelidium, visitors fishing, snorkeling and biking by the beach can be seen on the wall paintings, and visitors can comprehend the life at the fishing village from them. Moreover, they have colored illustrations at Mao'ao Station and drawn postcards for Mao'ao Bay in the hope of bringing more memories to the fishing village and visitors.