Unveiling of Scores for Fuji Fishing Port Fish Products Sales Center External Appearance Competition Image – New Look For Fuji Fish Market

  • Date:2016-04-06
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   After the construction of “Fuji Fishing Port Products Sales Center” (Fuji Fish Market) was completed in April 2011, the Mexican hat styled roof has become one of the most striking landmarks in the North Coast and has become the most prestigious seafood fish market in Northern Taiwan and was awarded the 13thGolden Thumb Awards for PPIP (Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects) last year (2015) and became an observation learning benchmark. This time holding the design competition is to stir sparks and gather creative ideas through joint public participation to enhance public infrastructure exterior design quality and to give the public a different landscape feeling.

    The 1st place winner You-rou Lin (graduated from Graduate Department of Architecture, Cranbrook Academy of Art, has worked at OASIStudio, and is currently an independent creator) explained her philosophy of creation, expressing that Fuji Fishing Port is located in the North Coast and is known for its rich variety of seafood; therefore, she used pictures of dots along with diverse, vibrant, and bright colors to present the landscape and marine culture near Fuji Fishing Port. She is thankful that her work has obtained the best affirmation by the Selection Committee and also expressed support for the joint cooperation of the Agriculture Department and the non-government folk people in using competitive image selection method to include the public opinion. This time, she plans to bring her family to Fuji Fishing Port and use the prize money to feast on seafood, while enjoying the magnificent mountain and ocean scenery at the North Coast.