Green Laver is in Season in Gongliao, and The Picking of Green Gold in Late Spring and Early Summer is Fun!

  • Date:2024-04-25
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【New Taipei City News】The Northeast coastline of New Taipei City offers picturesque scenery, with magnificent views of the sea and sky, towering mountains, and rich natural ecosystems. In the intertidal zone of the Northeast Coast, you can often see village women and men wearing hats, carrying plastic nets, and wearing non-slip shoes, squatting on the reefs to collect green laver, which is known as Green Gold. At present, almost all restaurants in the Northeast Coast have green laver cuisine, which has a unique flavor, and each restaurant has its own cooking style, which is both delicious and nutritious. The New Taipei City Government’s Fisheries and Fishing Port Affairs Management Office recommends that you visit Northeast Coast to enjoy the unique green laver cuisine in the spring season.


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"Whitebait and Green Laver Egg Drop Soup" is smooth and full of algae flavor. (open in a new window)
Stir-fried Green Laver (open in a new window)Stir-fried Green Laverjpg
Fishermen collect green laver from the reef at low tide. (open in a new window)Fishermen collect green laver from the reef at low tide.jpg