• Date:2023-08-30
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[New Taipei City] New Taipei City entered the third "Golden Fishing Port" evaluation organized by the Fisheries Agency. Tamsui Second Fishing Port and Aodi Fishing Port were rated the highest three stars, while Fuji Fishing Port, Guihou Fishing Port and Shen'ao Fishing Port won two stars, and Guihao Fishing Port even won the "Committee's Selection Award". The 6 awards this time made New Taipei City the most awarded county or city in northern Taiwan. Presenting the award at the city council assembly today (Aug 30), New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-Ih appreciated colleagues for their efforts and dedication, and looked forward to continuous improvement in the future to provide the public with a clean and friendly fishing port environment.
The Fisheries Agency held the third "Golden Fishing Port" evaluation. The evaluation results after five long months indicated that five fishing ports in New Taipei City provided outstanding performance. In addition to the stars awarded, the Fisheries Agency selected 7 "Excellent Fishing Ports". Guihou Fishing Port won the "Members' Selection Award" with the highest score from the members due to its clean, beautiful and clear environment.
The winning fishing ports this time all have many faces. Tamsui Second Fishing Port, also known as Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf, is the fishing port closest to the greater metropolitan Taipei. It has convenient transportation and features the only Jimmy Yo-yo Hat Playground in Taiwan, Jimmy’s installation art and Lover's Bridge. The sunset view of the wooden boardwalk and Jimmy's installation art in the evening heal the body and mind. Watching the Lover's Bridge light sculpture show at night is relaxing and comfortable. Every summer, the River and Sea Music Season, water dances, fireworks, etc. are held, attracting domestic and foreign tourists. Diversified development such as childlike fun and romance. Fuji Fishing Port has rich and diverse catches, and that’s why this is one of the destinations that foodies come for the plump seafood. There is a sombrero-shaped fish sales center at the port. After dark, the light and shadow projections are on the roof to behold. The heavy motorcycle station in the port area and the multi-functional jetty pier featuring fashion and art allow the fishing port to develop in a diversified direction such as tourism, leisure, and cross-border performances, making it a tourist attraction not to be missed when traveling along the north coast. Guihou Fishing Port is known for its Wanli Crabs". Fishermen bring and sell their fresh catches at the Guihou Fisherman's Market right next to the fishing port. When the season comes, foodies rush in to scoop up fresh seafood, making it one of the busiest fishing ports on the north coast. In recent years, the "Exciting Fishing Port" project, the aesthetics and rectification of the fishing port promoted the improvement of fishing port’s visual space. Harmonious color schemes are introduced to integrate the buildings with the environment and break away from the stereotypes of the fishing port.
Shen'ao Fishing Port is known for light fisheries and is shifting its focus to recreational sea fishing in recent years. There is a sea-to-sky trail with a 270-degree broad view in the fishing port. A ride on a recreational fishing boat will take you to natural landscapes such as Elephant Trunk Rock and Chieftain Rock and a completely different perspective from the sea. The Shen'ao Fishing Port is also the first stop for the intelligent transformation of fishing ports in New Taipei City. There is a squid-shaped sign at the entrance of the fishing port that leads people into the port. The port is equipped with intelligent equipment such as smart street lights, marine traffic management system and fishing port surveillance system, which combines the benefits of maintaining port area safety and energy conservation and carbon reduction. Aodi Fishing Port is the most important fishing base in the northeast coast. It features rich and delicious seafood, a clean environment inside the port, and well-equipped berthing areas and land facilities. A fishery products direct sales center on the 2nd and 3rd floors is currently under construction as an attempt for local revitalization. It helps provide more employment opportunities for the locals, as well as a comfortable environment for tourists while they are shopping for local catches and dining.
Mayor Hou said that in recent years, the "Exciting Fishing Port" project has been promoted to provide a clean and friendly fishing port environment for the public. Thanks to the efforts of the city government, fishermen's associations and fishermen over the years, the fishing ports have been transformed and improved according to the different local characteristics, and that created unique values for each and every fishing port. The mayor showed his gratitude to the people who participated in the voting and the organizer for their affirmation in this Golden Fishing Port Evaluation. The city hall will continue to improve the beauty of the fishing port and make the fishing port a marine sightseeing and recreational place for all citizens to be close to the sea and learn more about eating fish. All are invited to come and enjoy, and experience the charm of Golden Fishing Ports.


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