“Shuinandong Fishing Port (Village) Photography Exhibition” gives viewers a new experience to enjoy the sea.

  • Date:2021-09-15
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Starting September 17, New Taipei City government set up “Shuinandong Fishing Port (Village) Photography Exhibition” at Shuinandong Fishing Port to lead viewers to enter the life circle of Shuinandong and experience the beauty of the fishing port and village and have a better understanding of local fishery culture through these photographs.

New Taipei City has 28 fishing ports. Since 2019, the city government has promoted the project of “Saying Hi to Fishing Ports in New Taipei City” to launch the transformation and activation of fishing ports. Shuinandong Fishing Port is located by Provincial Highway No.2. When it comes to Shuinandong Fishing Port, people directly associate it with Yin Yang Sea and the 13 Levels Ruins nestling against it. Different from other large busy fishing ports, Shuinandong Fishing Port is somewhat mysterious and tranquil. This underdeveloped fishing port has attracted numerous photographers to take photographs there. In the past, it was a filming location for a renowned TV drama. Fishing villages, mountain towns and landscapes by the fishing port have formed special culture in this area.

To develop a new opportunity for fishing ports to transform, the New Taipei City government has selected Shuinandong Fishing Port with long history to hold an exhibition of “Daily Life at Fishing Port” in the event of “Shuinandong, Place of Beauty and Charm.” Based on works of art in the exhibition, mountain towns and tourist attractions adjacent to Shuinandong Fishing Port have been added to show the local culture of Shuinandong. Its history began from the move of Weiyuan Temple which had witnessed the prosperity and decline of the mining industry in Shuinandong and become a local religious center. Jinguashi Mountain at the upper reaches of Shuinandong Fishing Port possesses rich pyrite which has been taken to the sea along with rain and river water all the year round, creating a special scene—Yin Yang Sea—stretching over the waters like silk. These photographic works record daily activities in the fishing village and port. There is a photograph of a grocery store in a plain community by the fishing port. The grocery store not only provides groceries for people to shop, but also serves as an important place for people to socialize, becoming a social hub in the community. The store shows the simple life of a fishing village and witnesses the importance of Shuinandong Fishing Port to Shuinangong. Additionally, the beauty of the mountain towns adjacent to the fishing port and geologic views, the works of Nature, along the coast are exhibited in this photography exhibition. From the tranquility of mountains to the beauty of the sea, the photographic works lead viewers to enter the life circle of Shuinandong based on different themes. People who drive to the fishing port can park at Shuinandong Parking Lot and then walk through a passageway connecting the community and the fishing port to enter the port to enjoy the opportunity to experience the beauty of the fishing port and village and have a deeper understanding of local culture. In addition to the exquisite physical exhibition, an online exhibition (https://pse.is/3nw2g8) is held for people to enjoy the pure and beautiful warmth of Shuinandong. 

Fisheries and Fishing Port Affairs Management Office, New Taipei City Government (hereinafter referred to as The Office), indicated that fishing ports in New Taipei City are beautiful and diverse. The city government set up “Shuinandong Fishing Port (Village) Photography Exhibition” this time to turn the fishing port into an exhibition closest to the sea in the hope that the fishing port can shorten the distance between people’s life and the sea. Moreover, the exhibition would enhance the visibility of Shuinandong Fishing Port and give people a new experience to get close to the sea. The Office reminds people to wash hands, wear a face mask and follow the COVID-19 epidemic prevention guidelines to reduce the risks of COVID-19 infection while enjoying local culture.


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The photo of a grocery store serving as a hub for local people to socialize was taken in 2019. (open in a new window)The photo of a grocery store serving as a hub for local people to socialize was taken in 2019.jpg
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