Second Generation of Huanggang Fishing Port Continues to Delve into Sales Management Modes for Aquatic Products for World Youth Skills Day

  • Date:2021-07-15
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New Taipei City has 28 fishing ports and numerous special fishing cultures. “Sulfuric fire fishing” is a renowned fishing culture in Jinshan District at Taiwan’s North Coast. The fishery with one hundred years of history can only enjoy a good fish harvest with the cooperation of all crews. In the early days, four to five men took a bamboo raft or wooden boat to catch fish with light from torches at night. The activity has evolved into a boat with seven to eight people who use torches being made by igniting acetylene generated from sulfur and water following the sound of bangs. They then catch mackerels jumping out of water with hand operating dip nets after the fish are drawn by light. This is how the activity of “sulfuric fire fishing” was named. Until today, Shi-Kai Jian, a young “fire master” and fisherman, still insists on going fishing on the sea in the fishing season and continues to work with New Taipei City government and North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) to hold the event of the Sulfuric Fire Fishing Festival and demonstrate the method of sulfuric fire fishing, endeavoring to preserve the fishing culture of his hometown.

“Fire masters” who are the key figures of a sulfuric fire fishing boat are usually served by experienced and senior sailors. However, over the past few years, the decrease in the number of fish catches because of the environment along with emigration and population aging in fishing villages have led to the decline of the labor force for fishery year by year. At present, only three fishing boats have the technique of “sulfuric fire fishing” which has been registered with World Cultural Heritage. Therefore, preserving this traditional cultural artistry is an important mission that Shi-Kai Jian has given to himself. Jian, a “fire master” and young fisherman on Fuji No.268 sulfuric fire fishing boat, persists in going out to sea in the fishing season after he took over the family business. Additionally, since 2020, he has been conducting a course tour on campus with Jinshan District Fishermen’s Association after the fishing season ends. He shares his experience of sulfuric fire fishing with elementary school students at the North Coast of Taiwan, deepening local students’ understanding of the fishing culture. Moreover, his youth returning home experience aims to attract more young people to devote themselves to the trade.

Shi-Kai Jian has summoned other like-minded fishermen to establish a cooperative which sells local seasonal aquatic products and researches and develops processed mackerels. They also seek an alliance with local stores and restaurants to create aquatic products with local features. Additionally, they transform recreational and leisure fishery and organize the Sulfuric Fire Fishing event with New Taipei City government and the Administration to demonstrate the technique of sulfuric fire fishing and promote the culture of sulfuric fire fishing to attract tourists and enhance the sightseeing function of Huanggang Fishing Port. Moreover, they will continue to train a new generation of sailors to pass down the fishing culture of “sulfuric fire fishing at Huanggang Fishing Port.”


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