The North Coast Fashion and Art Season debuts splendidly, ushering in a new trend of fishing harbors

  • Date:2021-05-08
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[New Taipei City News] The New Taipei City Government and the Taiwanese fashion designer Pan Yiliang, known as the "Queen of Knitting", organized the "2021 North Coast Fashion and Art Season" at the Fuji Fishing Harbor in Shimen District, New Taipei City. Today, designer Pan Yiliang debuted the new fishing port work to kick off the event and created a stage for young emerging designers the next day, so that emerging designers have the opportunity to exhibit their works on-site. In addition to the fashion show, the Music Department of Fu Jen Catholic University and the new generation of artists were invited for the second week and the third week for performances so as to expand the new functions of Fuji Fishing Harbort's leisure and entertainment as well as art and cultural performances to show the distinctive features of the fishing harbor.

Today’s "2021 North Coast Fashion and Art Season", hosted by Ho, Tu-Lin, and led by the supermodel Wang, Liya and 19 models from EeLin Entertainment, for the first time in the fishing port, they showcased Pan Yiliang’s new works using the environmentally friendly fiber fabrics of LEE YAW TEXTILE CO., LTD in New Taipei City to send messages to audiences from different fields the importance of marine conservation and reduction of marine debris. At the same time, the excellent graduation works of the students of the Textile and Clothing Department of Fu Jen Catholic University were also exhibited. The venue is dazzling with stars and the works are eye-catching with the style of roadside banquet, integrating fashionable arts and cultural activities into the traditional fishing harbor and creating a completely different interesting style of the fishing harbor. The participating VIPs and visitors had implemented measures such as taking their body temperature, wearing masks, and implementing the registration system to enjoy the outdoor fashion show while taking preventive measures. 

[The transformation of the fishing harbor combines new elements to inject youth vitality]
The "Fuji Pretty Fashion-Fashion Show" held on May 9th created a stage for young emerging designers to showcase seasonal fashions and fashionable swimwear. The personal stylists of many famous model artists such as Liu Yihao, Lai Linen, Lin Jiaqi shared with the public the skin care knowledge and demonstrated makeup and dressing skills to interact with tourists. A display of motorcycles was incorporated to the stage, allowing cool motorcycles to get on the fashion runway and become one of the visual presentations of the catwalk, and the runway was used as a photo spot, so that visitors who love motorcycles can take pictures and check in at close distance.

On May 15th, 16th and May 22nd, 23rd, a series of performances by the Music Department of Fu Jen Catholic University and the new generation of artists were planned, bringing a series of vibrant artistic feasts to Fu Ji Fishing Harbor, and allowing these new designers to increase their chances of exposing their works.

Deputy Mayor Xie Zhengda said that Fuji Fishing Harbor is a very prestigious seafood distribution center on the North Coast. The New Taipei City Government has continued the concept of fashion and art activities on the North Coast last year. This year, a clothing exhibition at the multi-functional jetty of Fuji Fishing Harbor was held once again, and further expanded the scope with young artists to became a three-week series of arts and literature activities, allowing students and artists to have a special stage different from the past for creation, turning the creativity and power of youth into energy that can turn around local industries. We will continue our efforts in the future to enable everyone to enjoy all kinds of fishing port styles!

The New Taipei City Government stated that this event specially invited the Russian beauty Anne for the opening of the Fuji Fishing Harbor to ride a motorcycle to make her debut, introducing the cooperation with Fuji Fishing Market’s sister restaurants to launch the limited "Russian Seaside Salad" exotic cuisine during the Art Season. During the event, a lot of discounts were launched, including a lottery with a required spending and limited exquisite gifts when you check in. The sister restaurant also launched a super value table set menu with a price of NT$6,880. For details, please refer to the New Taipei City Government Bureau of Agriculture " Crop day plant time (Jia Ri Shiguang) fan page. In order to strengthen the pandemic prevention efforts, the "2021 North Coast Fashion and Art Season" series of activities all adopt a registration system to grasp the information of participants. QR-code can be scanned to fill in the information on the spot, and signs are placed in the area around the event venue and inspectors are arranged to hold the signs to tell people to wear masks and assist in filling out the registration system QR code form. Please cooperate with the pandemic prevention measures and wear masks throughout the entire event to enjoy outdoor art activities with peace of mind.

Reference material: "Crop day plant time " fan page : https://www.facebook.com/agr.ntpc