Aodi and Fuji Fishing Ports of New Taipei City have been recognized as the

  • Date:2021-01-20
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(New Taipei City News) The New Taipei City Government submitted Aodi Fishing Port and Fuji Fishing Port to the "Golden Fishing Ports" selection held by the Fisheries Agency in 2020, and both ports succeeded with flying colors. Aodi Fishing Port received the highest honor of three stars and even won the Fishery Heritage Award while Fuji Fishing Port received one star! Today (January 20), Director Lizhen Zhang of the Fisheries and Fishing Port Affairs Management Office, Chief of Staff Liluan Zhu of Jinshan District Fishermen's Association, and Chief of Staff Limei Lin of Gongliao District Fishermen's Association dedicated the awards to Mayor Yu-ih Hou at the City Council meeting to share the joy.

Aodi Fishing Port and Fuji Fishing Port have diverse facets, tourism potential and sound management mechanism. Among the 21 participating Category II fishing ports in Taiwan, Aodi Fishing Port not only received the highest honor of three stars but also won the "Fishing Heritage Award" of excellence for its traditional fishing charm. Meanwhile, Fuji Fishing Port was awarded a one-star certification. Mayor Yu-ih Hou recognized the efforts of the Fisheries Office and the Fishermen's Associations in the development of the fishing ports, including the opening of the Aodi Fishing Port Fish Wholesales Business Center, combined with the marketing campaigns of the abalone production area in Gongliao, to develop local tourism, increase job opportunities and promote local revitalization. On the other hand, Fuji Fishing Port and the fashion industry jointly organized the "North Coast Fashion and Art Season" to encourage local fishermen to participate, build a co-prosperous environment and promote the Fuji Fish Market brand. It is evident that with the long-term converted efforts of the city government, fishermen's associations and fishermen, the city's fishing ports have gradually transformed. They are no longer confined to traditional fishing functions. Instead, the fishing ports manifest unique humanistic and recreational characteristics and create more possibilities than before, allowing New Taipei City to be a great city, one that does great things!

Director Lizhen Zhang of the Fisheries Office stated that there are 28 fishing ports in New Taipei City. To promote the "Come to New Taipei City and Have a Blast at the Fishing Ports" project and the transformation of the fishing ports, the city government invests a lot of resources every year in the construction and renovation of the fishing ports and the maintenance of the overall environment. Director Zhang thanked the Fisheries Agency and the public for their recognition of Aodi and Fuji Fishing Ports through the Golden Fishing Ports and the Fishing Heritage Awards, and she invited the public to visit the fishing ports during the Lunar New Year holidays. This year, both Gongliao District Fishermen's Association and Fuji Fish Market are offering fresh fish gift boxes. The PX Mart at the Aodi Fishing Port Fish Wholesales Business Center will not close during the holidays and will be open from 10:00 to 16:00 every day. Fuji Fish Market will be open from 10:00 to 20:00 (until 17:00 on New Year's Eve) during the holidays. People can buy local premium fishery products to add to the feasts for the holidays. Come to Fuji and Aodi Fishing Ports and experience the charm of the "Golden Fishing Ports"!