Taking Good Care of Gongliao Abalones, Divers Regularly Check their Growth Status

  • Date:2020-09-30
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New Taipei City has a 145-kilometer-long coastline, and it has 28 fishing ports, which is the highest number among all cities in Taiwan. New Taipei City has proposed innovative and sustainable ocean goals such as "Fishing Port Day and Night " and "Restoration of the Golden Triangle", aiming to break the traditional way of thinking regarding to fishing, and combine it with the central “Salute to the Sea " project, which will change the style of the fishing ports in the next 10 years. There will be various functions of fishing ports from day to night, making New Taipei fishing ports beyond your imagination.
Fishing Port Day and Night, Transformation beyond Imagination
Today (30th), during the New Taipei City Government’s Municipal Administrative Meeting, Fisheries and Fishing Port Affairs Management Office, Agriculture Department reported focusing on the Fishing Port's Intensive Transformation Project and promoted “Fishing Port Day and Night”: On the basis of maintaining the fishing function of the existing fishing ports to protect the livelihood of fishermen, the government explored the characteristics of the fishing ports and carried out the reconstruction of the Route 2 Taiwan. Starting from the floating stages of the Xiaguzi Fishing Port which respond to fishermen’s difficulties, the First Tan-Shui Fishing Harbor connecting bicycle lanes with its cultural and hydrophilic features, the upcoming Fuji Fishing Port motorcycle post and fishermen’s recreational center, the café in the fishing paradise, Caoli Fish Harbor, the fishermen’s market in Guei Hou Fish Harbor which will be reconstructed, to the specially built boat-fishing experience center in Shenao Fishing Port, and finally, the Ao-Di seafood outlet, there will be various looks of the fishing ports during the day. At night, the night fishing port economic development is initiated: exhibition in the Shuinandong Fishing Port, fashion show in Fuji Fishing Port, fireworks and projection mapping in the Tamsui Second Fishing Port (Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf), parent-child night fishing in the Caoli fishing bar, projection mapping and water show in the Shenao Fishing Port, the best boat-fishing life and finally, the Tamsui Second Fishing Port Compound Shopping Center which will recruit new investors for reconstruction. These features will be connected and turn into the pearl chain of fishing ports along the North coast and become the new recreational choice as well as tourist site for Taiwanese people.
Smart Fishing Port Management Center, Local Branding of Aquatic Delicacies
With the efforts of the Fisheries and Fishing Port Affairs Management Office, many fishing ports are now moving towards 5G. A smart fishing port management center will be established to manage the status of the fishing ports, repair smart streetlights, ship flow monitoring, onshore water and electricity management, and sightseeing smart panels. All the data can be obtained remotely and reported to repair dispatcher immediately. New Taipei’s three major fishery products include: the nationally-renowned "Wanli Crabs" entering their ninth year, the "Gongliao Abalones" which combined local farming tours and the redesigned brand, and the delicious and fun "Shenao Squids", of which the characteristics enhanced the features of the transformation of fishing ports.
Restoration of the Golden Triangle, Sustainable Ocean
New Taipei City will use Gongliao’s Marine Resources Restoration Park as the restoration base, and the neighboring low-utilized Hemei Fishing Port and Meiyanshan Fishing Port will be transformed into ecological restoration centers and intermediate fisheries cultivation centers respectively, to create a golden triangle of restoration in New Taipei. Professional cultivation and rehabilitation capabilities are combined with the existing excellent sea areas in the northeast corner for sustainable rehabilitation. At the same time, the government was concerned about the problem of marine waste, and promoted the name-based rational system of gillnets, established a demonstration site for the recycling of disposed fishing nets in Northern Taiwan and the Coast Guard’s net removal plan to work hard for a sustainable ocean.
New Taipei Mayor Hou, Yu-Ih said that New Taipei City has important fishing port assets; with the promotion of Fishing Port Day and Night and combination with local features as well as tourism, fishing ports of New Taipei City will create innovative values and guarantee the life needs of fishermen. Fishing ports will go beyond the public’s imagination and turn into new tourist sites for food and drinking, as well as entertainment. The promotion of marketing and combination with local features of Wanli crabs, Gongliao abalones, and Shenao squids will also continue. The government introduced technological means in response to the acceleration of 5G deployment and the development of smart management of fishing ports. The most important thing is marine conservation and restoration, to ensure the development of sustainable fisheries. Using existing resource advantages and combining industry, government and academia methods to create a demonstration area for marine conservation in Northern Taiwan, and promote sustainable development such as rational use of fisheries and ecological guidance, New Taipei City will move forward as one, and create new values for the fishery of all New Taipei Fishing Ports.


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