The multi-functional jetty at Fuji Fishing Port held the opening ceremony. Mayor Hou celebrated with people to bring a new atmosphere of the port.

  • Date:2020-05-23
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[New Taipei City News] The multi-functional jetty at Fuji Fishing Port, which was invested by the Agriculture Department, New Taipei City Government, held an opening ceremony today (on June 23) and announced its official opening. The New Taipei City Government has actively engaged in the fishing port improvement project to improve the working environment of fishers, so it merged ecological engineering methods to create a multi-functional jetty. It hopes not only to let fisherpersons have a safer harbor but also to provide the place for citizens and visitors to rest on holidays. Fuji Fishing Port, which belongs a part of a North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area, locates in Fuji Village, Shimen District, New Taipei City. It has a great location and has a famous Fuji Fishing Market offering a wide range of fresh seafood. There are more than 60 boats in Fuji Fishing Port, mainly known for its abundant production of flower crabs. However, Fuji Fishing Port has long lacked the stability of the external berths. Most fishing boats are moored in the inner berth area to ensure work and safety, resulting in crowded boat spaces in that area. The new multi-functional jetty can not only improve the static stability of the port area but also increase the number of fishing boats parked. Besides, the modern construction method adopts the cross beam pier to set up the trestle platform, to enlarge the plane area of the jetty. The lower base piles of the pier set up to form a wave-canceling area and marine life recreation area, and the upper platform provided additional recreation seats and plantings to extend visitors' public activities to the center of the fishing port to create a hydrophilic recreation space. Through the ecological engineering method that takes into consideration such environment, fishing needs, and recreational location to achieve a triple-win situation, the government hopes to make sustainable use of the resources of the fishing port. Yu-Ih Hou, the mayor of New Taipei City, said that there are 28 fishing ports within the 145-kilometer coastline of New Taipei City. They are the ones with the most fishing ports of county and city on the island of Taiwan. They are also the government team has made every effort to improve each fishing port and has always listened to the voices of fishers. The purpose of constructing the multi-functional jetty at Fuji Fishing Port is to optimize the working environment of fisherpersons and hope to improve the safety of fishing operations through the construction of a pier so that the traditional fishing industry can operate sustainably. Each fishing port in New Taipei City has its characteristics, all of which are the result of years of joint efforts by fishers and fellow municipal governments. The New Taipei City Government this year will focus on the theme of “Come to New Taipei City and have fun in the fishing port.” People are welcome to eat seafood at Fuji Fishing Port. After eating, you can rest on the seats on the jetty, have seafood, watch the sunset, and enjoy the sea view. It will be delicious and fun!