Crowd and Traffic Control for Fisherman’s Wharf Online to Prevent COVID-19 Outbreak during Labor Day Long Weekend

  • Date:2020-04-21
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【New Taipei City News】 Due to the continuous outbreak of severe acute respiratory infection (COVID-19), Fisherman’s Wharf, tourist attraction in Tamsui, will launch crowd and traffic control measures and parking images online for the upcoming Labor Day long weekend despite that the number of COVID-19 cases gradually declined last week.
Agriculture Department also monitors tourist flow through parking capacity and monitoring systems to determine when crowd control should be in place.
Additionally, Fuji Fish Market and Guihou Fish Market launch crowd control measures and body temperature monitoring systems at the entrances and exits.
Tourists are not allowed to enter these markets unless they wear a mask to prevent the outbreak of the pandemic during the long weekend.

Fisherman’s Wharf in Tamsui could attract up to 10,000 tourists and 1,300 vehicles at the peak of crowd and traffic flow on a single holiday.
However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of tourists and vehicles coming to the wharf has decreased.
Agriculture Department cannot let their guard down during the spread of the pandemic, and it will launch crowd and traffic control measures: when the number of parked cars reaches 50% of the total parking capacity, the control mechanism will be launched, and no vehicle is allowed to enter the parking lot.
Meanwhile, the images of the parking lot will be uploaded to https://reurl.cc/QdX2X2 for the public to check.
Additionally, security guards and staff who are on duty will make announcements about crowd and traffic control and control crowd and traffic flow at entrances and exits.

New Taipei City Agriculture Department Commissioner Wen Lee indicated that for the sake of people’s health and safety and pandemic prevention measures, Agriculture Department uploads images of monitoring systems for the parking lot of Fisherman’s Wharf so that tourists can learn about the size of crowds at the wharf anytime and anywhere, and they can decide in advance whether they should go to the wharf.
Meanwhile, the idea of single entries and exits is launched at Fuji Fish Market and Guihou Fish Market, two sightseeing fish markets.
Additionally, body temperatures are measured at these entrances and exits, and tourists are requested to wear a mask before entering.
The department protects the safety of tourists during the outbreak of COVID-19 and acts fast before it gets worse.