Brown Little Seaweed among Field of Green Seagrass for Spring Only

  • Date:2020-02-06
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If you visit Taiwan’s Northeast Coast in early spring, you can often see female fishing villagers walk back and forth on wave-cut platforms covered with sea lettuce, searching for brown treasures among a field of green seagrass. They are picking delicious algae—little seaweed that is for spring only.
Spring Delicacies Ready to Serve by Simply Stir-frying
Xiu-Liang Wu, a fisherwoman of Gongliao, indicated that little seaweed is also known as “white seaweed” or “Endarachne binghamiae.” The production season of the seaweed is from January to April, so now is the best time to pick and enjoy it. It is easy to pick little seaweed. No tool is required, and it can be picked by hand. However, the seaweed likes to grow in the intertidal zone, especially on reefs where waves crash against or wave-cut platforms. Therefore, fishermen can only pick it when the tide is on the ebb. There is an important procedure to process little seaweed: fishermen have to check each seaweed carefully and cut off a hard part on its root (the part that makes algae root on rocks) to avoid the consumption of sand. Ms. Wu said that the best way to preserve the original taste of little seaweed is by stir-frying it in boiling water and then cool it down immediately with cold water to enhance its crispness. You can stir-fry scallion, ginger slices and chili pepper to enhance its flavor. Next, you add little seaweed and quickly stir-fry it with high heat. It is ready to serve by simply seasoning it! With refreshing sea smell and smooth and crisp texture, little seaweed is irresistible. You will want to take one bite after another. It is the most seasonal food of New Taipei City!

New Taipei City Agriculture Department Commissioner Wen Lee stated that terrain at the Northeast Coast is diverse. Additionally, it is located at the confluence of the Kuroshio Current and China Coastal Current, so fishery resources are affluent there. Seasonal aquatic products include Gongliao abalone, large scale black fish, brown chub, seaweed and little seaweed, the leading character of this piece of news. New Taipei City citizens are invited to bring families along for a little trip to the Northeast Coast. In addition to enjoying spectacular ocean views along the coast, you are welcomed to savor the most seasonal seafood at a local seafood restaurant to add another page to your travel notes for delicacies!