Action Payment and Free WiFi Make Touring around Smart Fishing Ports Convenient

  • Date:2019-10-07
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Since 2015, New Taipei City government has been promoting the policy of smart fishing ports to install a water and electricity supply system for the smart management of fishing boats along the coast, smart street light system, free WiFi hotspots at key fishing ports in the city year by year. Additionally, the government urges stores at fishing ports to use action payment to gradually implement the policy of smart fishing ports and enhance the efficiency of energy saving to make it convenient for the public to visit fishing ports!

Shenao Fishing Port in New Taipei City possesses rich tourism resources. In addition to plentiful squid, hairtail and other seafood from this area, it has Elephant Trunk Rock, Captain Rock and other distinctive marine erosion landscapes that have attracted a great number of tourists. To effectively manage the fishing port and make it convenient for the public, New Taipei City government has endeavored to actively introduce a smart management system to the fishing port since 2019. They have set up tourist-friendly facilities such as the improvement of local parking lots, restrooms and other infrastructure in addition to implementing the principle of user charge for the water and electricity consumption of fishing boats. Additionally, smart interactive touring panels have been installed, and free WiFi hotspots are provided for the public. Moreover, local stores at the fishing port have voluntarily applied for action payment to let tourists tour around the fishing port with ease and return home fully supplied, gradually realizing the prospect of being a smart fishing port.

To enhance the management system, the city government has been promoting the water and electricity supply system for fishing boats by the coast since 2015. At present, the system has been promoted to 11 fishing ports in the city to improve the safety of supply operation for fishermen and implement the principle of user charge. Compared to the past, each fishing port can save approximately 40% of water and electricity fees each year. Additionally, Shenao Fishing Port of the city has been selected as a demonstration port. This year, smart street lamps have been installed at the port. The functions of the smart management system for street lights at the port include automatic brightness adjustment and automatic reporting for repair. The system will later be promoted to other key fishing ports of the city.

Wen Lee, Commissioner of Agriculture Department, indicated that with the prospect of “smart energy-saving at friendly fishing ports,” New Taipei City government will execute the policy of smart fishing ports and install the smart supply system at Bitou Fishing Port and Nanya Fishing Port in 2019. By the end of this year, the smart supply system will be set up at 12 fishing ports and gradually become available at the city’s fishing ports for aquatic products. The smart facilities at Shenao Fishing Port are convenient for local people. Additionally, foreign tourists can enjoy free WiFi and local e-tours it provides. These will help connect tourism at fishing ports to the world, increase the added value of a fishing port and enable the prospect of smart energy-saving at friendly fishing ports to gradually come true!