Youthful Mountain, Coast Lines, Charming Shenao Fishery Festival” Kicks Off. People: Shenao is More Beautiful at Night!

  • Date:2019-06-06
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The water show of “Youthful Mountain, Coast Lines and Charming Shenao Fishery Festival” performed for the first time today (6th). People at the scene exclaimed, “we can enjoy food and have fun at Shenao Fishing Port. Better yet, we can watch the water show here. The port is more beautiful at night!”

New Taipei City Government held the event of “Youthful Mountain, Coast Lines and Charming Shenao Fishery Festival” with Ruifang District Fishermen’s Association, and it successfully kicked off today. Starting 3 o’clock this afternoon, local fishermen and fishery volunteers began cleaning up the port, and pledging to resolutely protect the youthful mountains and sea at Shenao Fishing Port. Additionally, there were long lines of people sampling fishery products, and limited seafood dishes were immediately claimed by participants who exclaimed that they were both fresh and delicious!

After New Taipei City Mayor Hou You-Yi launched the water show at Shenao Fishing Port, the rich changes of colors at night turned into light waves, interweaving with the light show of Haitian Trail, lights from fishing boats and from Jiufen, also known as Golden Mountain Town, to make a gorgeous view! After the water show began, Mayor Hou became a spokesman to market the Shenao Fishery Festival, recreational fishing industry and the freshest local fishery products. Finally, he boarded a recreational fishing boat to try night fishing on the sea, enjoying the charm of night fishing in Shenao. Mayor Hou also announced that package tours being promoted during the “Youthful Mountain, Coast Lines and Charming Shenao Fishery Festival” will include the activities of touring an unexplored region by boat and night fishing along with Shenao Rail Bike until the end of August! People will be able to enjoy the youthful mountains and sea in Shenao the entire summer vacation from morning till night!

Mayor Hou You-Yi indicated that Shenao Fishing Port is an important tourist attraction in the policy of youthful mountain and coast lines. The port possesses the most recreational fishing boats in Taiwan, and it is adjacent to Elephant Trunk Rock, Captain Rock and other special landmarks. Squid, neritic squid, silverfish and other local fishery products at the port are cheap and tasty, so it has great tourism potential. Additionally, the city government promotes the smart fishing port policy which integrates smart technology with mountain and marine resources to deepen local travel quality. You might as well plan a trip to charming Shenao during the Dragon Boat Festival to experience night fishing, appreciating the water show, eat the freshest seafood and see the change of Shenao Fishing Port, and you certainly will return home after thoroughly enjoying it!