Jinshan (District) Fishermen’s Association of New Taipei City

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  1. Photo of the Fishermen’s Association Building
  2. Jinshan Fishermen’s Association – Telephone: 02-24981141、24981142
    Shimen Office – Telephone: 02-26383306、26381021
  3. Jinshan Fishermen’s Association- Fax: 02-24987202
    Shimen Office – Fax: 02-26380010
  4. Address: No. 323, Huanggang Road, Huanggang Neighborhood, Jinshan District, New Taipei City 20844
  5. Website: http://jsfish.naffic.org.tw
  6. History of Jinshan Fishermen’s Association (New Taipei City)

In 1907 fishermen living within the jurisdiction of Keelung Sub-prefecture established Jinbaoli Fishery Union and carried out the net cage improvement project subsidized by the government. It then merged with Keelung, Sandiaowan and Bitou Fishery Unions and formed the Keelung Fishery Union; in 1939, fishermen in Jinshan established Jinshan Fishery Cooperative in accordance with Fishery Union Act; at the end of the Second World War in 1944, Japanese government restructured and renamed the Union to Jinshan Fishery Association to secure its domination of Taiwan’s fisheries; after Taiwan’s restoration in 1947, the Association was renamed to Jinshan Fishery Production Cooperative; in 1950, it was renamed to Jinshan Township Fishermen’s Association; in 1955, it was renamed again to Jinshan District Fishermen’s Association and set its address at Meitian Village of Jinshan Township (inside the township’s market); in 1964 and 1975, the Association ever moved to No. 187 and No. 54 of Huanggang separately.

With the effort of current Board Director Chien Yin-Chu, Jinshan Fishermen’s Association has received a budge about NT$40 million from the authority and successfully completed the construction work of the new administration building (current address: No. 323 Huanggang Road).

In June of 1976, “Merger Plan for Fishermen's Associations of Taiwan Province” was implemented by the government and Shimen Fishermen’s Association was merged with Jinshan Fishermen’s Association because of the bad economic conditions.

Therefore, Shimen Office of Jinshan Fishermen’s Association was established in the original place. Later in 2012, Taipei County government was upgraded and the Association was therefore renamed to Jinshan (District) Fishermen’s Association of New Taipei City.

In October of 2002, Fisheries Agency of Council of Agriculture (Executive Yuan) approved Association’s budget of digging a well in Huanggang Fishing Port and the Association therefore succeeded in acquiring the source of quality carbonated hot-spring. In January of 2005, amendments were made on the Huanggang Fishing Port Project; in January of 2007, a construction license for building a hotel was applied; in 2011, the construction project was completed as scheduled; on March 7 of 2012, the inauguration ceremony of Sakura Bay Hotel was launched.

Together with the Far East Steel Safe Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the Association has well-managed the hotel and turned it into a great place for travelling, gathering and relaxing.

Organizational Structure

Elected Leaders:

  • Member’s Representative Assembly of Fishermen’s Association:
  • Member Representatives – 51 people
  • Members of Board of Director – 15 people, where 1 of them was elected as the Chief Board Director, Chien Yin-Chu
  • Members of Board of Supervisors – 5 people, where 1 of them was elected as the Managing Supervisor, Hsieh Chun-Chuan
  • Executive Secretary employed by the Board of Director – Chu Li-Luan


otally 18 people including Executive Secretary (14 people from the Association, 4 people from the Office)


  • Type A Members: 11,191 people
  • Type B Members: 543 people

Fisheries within the Jurisdiction:

Stick-held dip net fishery, long line fishery, flying fish roe, sulfuric fire fishing and pot fishery.

Fishing Port within the Jurisdiction:

Huanggang Fishing Port, Shuiwei Fishing Port, Zhongjiao Fishing Bay, Caoli Fishing Port, Shimen Fishing Port, Laomei Fishing Bay, Fuji Fishing Port and Linshanbi Fishing Port.