Introduction of Wanli Fishermen’s Association in New Taipei City

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Formerly known as the Wanli Fishery Cooperative, the Association was established in the 1940s during Japan’s domination and was the first fishery group in Wanli. In 1943, it was restructured into Wanli Fishery Association; after the restoration of Taiwan in 1945, the original “Wanli Fishery Association” was divided into two units in accordance of the nation’s “Fisheries Act” and “Cooperatives Act”:

  1. Wanli (Township) Fishery Association: Responsible for giving directions of business.
  2. Wanli Fishery Production Cooperative: Responsible for carrying out economic enterprises.

Whereas in June of 1950, Taiwan Provincial Government integrated township fishery association and production cooperative, and reorganized them into Wanli Fishermen’s Association on the purpose of simplifying organizations and unifying fishing authority.

Due to unfavorable states of province-wide fishermen’s associations, the government promulgated “Measures for the Improvement of Fishermen’s Associations at all Levels in Taiwan Province” to enhance the organization of fishermen’s associations, to develop fisheries, to improve fishermen’s life and to build prosperous fishing villages as the primary mission. The Association is also restructured into “Wanli (District) Fishermen’s Association until today.

Wanli District of New Taipei City is located in the middle of Taiwan’s northern coast and there are four fishing ports within its jurisdiction including Wanli, Gueihou, Dongao and Yeliu. In recent years, New Taipei City government has been promoted crabs of Wanli District under the brand of “Wanli crabs”. This not only made “Wanli crabs” a well-known brand in Taiwan and the mainland of China, but also largely increased fishermen’s benefits.

Besides, the region has well developed its stick-held dip net fishery for Neritic Squid, larval fish and anchovy fishery, pole and lines boots fishery, and tourism and leisure fishery that offer people of the nation fresh and versatile aquatic products.