Characteristic Fishing Ports

Longmen Fishing Port

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Featured with charming scenery, Longmen Fishing Port is located at the estuary of Shuangxi River in Longmen Neighborhood of Gongliao District in New Taipei City, on the western side of Fulong Fishing Port, and on the northern coast of the Shuangxi River upstream nearby the estuary.

The port, which has been used by fishermen during Taiwan’s restoration, is equipped a slipway and a revetment of 42m for local rafts and sampans to use. Furthermore, the revetment that extends to downstream also functions as a wharf.

In recent years, local fishing vessels are moved to the downstream of Shuangxi and established the new riverside wharf, inspection wharf and ship lifting machine to facilitate fishermen’s life.

Vessels of Longmen are mainly engaged in inshore fisheries including driftnet, pole and lines boots and long line in Shuangxi River and in oceans of Sandiao Bay. Their catches are mostly mullet, Butterfishes, Thornfish, skipjack tuna and miscellaneous fishes, where 50% are sold to nearby restaurants and 50% are transported to Keelung for sale.