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Gueihou Fishing Port

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Gueihou Fishing Port is located in Gueihou Neighborhood of Wanli District.

It has a -2.5 water depth wharf of 187m, a -3.0 water depth wharf of 375m, a birth within the depth of - a berth within the water depth of –2.5m to -3.5m of water depth around 9,400 m2, a berth within the depth of -2.5m to -3.5m about 9,400 m2, and a birth outside -3.0m depth about 4,100 m2, totally 13,500 m2.

Vessels of Gueihou Fishing Port mostly operate in coastal fishing rounds to oceans of Pengjia Islet that they often depart late and return early within a day. The vessels are mainly engaged in stick-held dip net, gill net, pole and lines boots, long line and single boat trawl fisheries.

Their catches are mainly crab, neritic squid, anchovy, larval fish, and skipjack tuna.   

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Gueihou Fishing Port
Gueihou Fishing Port
Gueihou Fishing Port