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Huanggang Fishing Port

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Located on the estuary of Huanggang River, Huanggang Fishing Port was developed during Japan’s domination, where its natural coastal terrain was used to build revetments to berth fishing vessels. Due to the influence of river and beach drift, it is a must to dredge the channel in order to let the vessels pass through.

The port now has an outer facility about 800m, a wharf of 1,300m and a berth of 3.4 hectares; its land surface is about 5.5 hectares with facilities like the fish market, parking spaces and garden. From 2004 to 2006, the wharf improvement works and construction projects for the berthing facilities and quay pier were implemented.

Besides, to cooperate with the port’s plans of promoting leisure fisheries and multiple utilizations, the construction work of Huanggang Fishing Port Leisure Fishery Center and the greenery and beautification work for surrounding environment were implemented from 2007 to 2010.

It is expected that local fisheries and leisure activities will be integrated and combined with the unique hot spring resource of the region through these projects to build Huanggang a tourist fishing port and to promote its development.

Vessels of Huanggang Fishing Ports are mainly engaged in long line fishery along the northern coast and few in torch-lighted fishery.

Their catches are mostly grouper, Longfin kob, red sea-bream, red seabream, tile fish, golden croaker, white pomfret, Lake Candidius dace, Swordtip squid, neritic squid, white-mouth croaker, blue crab and cuttlefish.


Huanggang Fishing Port
Huanggang Fishing Port
Huanggang Fishing Port