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Located in Yehliu Village, Wanli District, New Taipei City, Yehliu Fishing Harbor was built with a natural bay to its west. Because of the increasing size of Yehliu Fishing Harbor, the number of fishing boats and catches of the harbor has been gradually increasing. However, due to its topography, the water area of the harbor is limited, and its development is quite restricted as well. Typhoons and strong occasional monsoons often strike Yehliu Fishing Harbor, which makes it difficult for fishing boats to go out to the sea and causes marine disasters often.

“Hung Li Seafood,” a seafood shop near Yehliu Fishing Harbor, is a popular store purchasing and wholesaling fish products. To meet people’s demand for Chinese New Year, the shop has begun to sell frozen seafood, and it claims that all seafood products are instantly frozen and processed in low temperatures to ensure that seafood it sells is both fresh and tasty.

In addition to seasonal catches at Yehliu Fishing Harbor, Hung Li Seafood also sells seafood from around the world including many fishes, mollusks, shrimps, crabs, abalones and shellfishes. Moreover, the shop promotes numerous distinctive products and seafood souvenirs for different holidays. Come to Hung Li Seafood, and your desire for seafood cuisine will be satisfied.

【Hung Li Seafood】

Address: No. 55-1, Gangxi Road, Yehliu Village, Wanli Township, New Taipei City 20744 (in front of Yehliu Fishermen's Association)
Tel: (02) 2492-8373