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Being reopened on March 9, 2013, Fuji Fishing Harbor has been divided into a cooking service section and fresh seafood section for people to purchase fish products and then enjoy them in a restaurant. To provide a more diverse environment, a recreational area for children and parents and a marine biology pool have been set up to let everyone enjoy family time while shopping.

In addition, the greatest feature of the harbor is that it sells “freshly-caught live fish only,” which cannot be seen in other markets. Moreover, it sells a wide variety of fishes, and high-class fish products along the coast can be seen and purchased here, including lobsters, crabs, sea urchins, squids and so on. Rich and diverse choices here make you eat joyfully and purchase happily.

To let consumers purchase seafood without any worry, Fuji Fishing Harbor requests all vendors in the fresh seafood section of building A inside the harbor to indicate prices and place their scales in a place that can be seen clearly. In addition, a public scale is available in the fresh seafood section for people to check the weight of seafood they purchase.

After consumers purchase seafood, they can go to its deli section to have their seafood cooked. Upon entering the cooking service section, you can see that all kitchens are see-through for people to watch their seafood being cooked and to avoid any possibility of being palmed off.

【Fresh Seafood Section in Building A of Fuji Fishing Harbor】

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