Easy and Convenient Travel to Guihou and Yehliu during Double Tenth Day Holidays

  • Date:2017-10-04
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Free shuttle bus service or city buses are provided for people to visit Guihou Fishing Port and enjoy the views of the ocean and fishing village during the Double Tenth Day holidays. Remember not to miss the newly open Guihou Crab Theme Park and Guihou LOHAS Cottage. At last, you can go to Yehliu Fishing Port to taste delicious seasonal autumn crabs and fresh seafood. You shall enjoy beautiful scenery and delicious food without being stuck in a traffic jam!
Guihou LOHAS Cottage and Yehliu Holiday Live Crab Bazaar Welcome You

The Double Tenth Day holidays are the right season for delicious Wanli crabs, so let's go to North Coast to enjoy an autumn crab feast! In addition to being a small fishing village featuring local culture, Guihou Fishing Port has top-rated beautiful Venus Coast in Taiwan. Over the recent years, New Taipei City Government has integrated its rich fishery culture with tourism resources to present the brand-new look of Guihou fishing village. Additionally, from October 7th to the end of November this year, Agriculture Department, New Taipei City Government has specially set up “Guihou LOHAS Cottage” inside the crab park in order to exhibit fishing gear, fishing methods, and cultural and creative products related to the Wanli crab industry. Moreover, it provides origami crab DIY activities, puzzle dice games, 3D walls featuring waves for taking photos, and other interactive games. Everyone is welcome to stop by the cottage and enjoy the activities. Furthermore, there are stands set up for “Yehliu Holiday Live Crab Bazaar” under the boat waiting pavilion at Blue Highway of Yehliu Fishing Port will be held throughout November 26th (on every Saturday and Sunday, Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Double Tenth Day holidays). You can try a wide variety of snacks and refreshments of the fishing village and enjoy the cooking-for-customers service in the bazaar in addition to seeing freshly-caught live crabs unloaded from fishing boats. In the holiday bazaar lasting for ten consecutive weeks, people can purchase the freshest live Wanli crabs in Yehliu. Fresh crabs which taste sweet do not have to be prepared with too much seasoning or complicated cooking skills; you can enjoy the delicacies in the simplest way.
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