Smile Bay Campaign for 2017 Clean Up the World Weekend was held in Mao'ao Fishing Village, New Taipei City

  • Date:2017-09-17
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【New Taipei City News】The Clean Up the World Weekend- was launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 1993 and annually held on the 3rd weekend in September to inspires communities from every corner of the globe to conserve their environment through cleaning-up activities. For three consecutive years, Fulian Village (Mao'ao Fishing Village) has verified as a 5-star Clean-up Performance Village in New Taipei City with its cleaning streets, fresh public toilets, environmental greenification, resource recovery, and low-carbon and sustainable lifestyle). Today (17th September), the Village Office cooperate with Taipei University of Marine Technology (TUMT) to hold "Smile Bay Campaign for 2017 Clean Up the World Weekend" which convened about 80 people from local community, students and faculties of TUMT and Nei-Hu Community College of Taipei City to clean up surroundings of Mao'ao.


"The event is in line with the World Clean Day and aims to empower everyone to improve the environment. The community is also encouraged to include local feature through rural revitalization and to create environmental and sustainable industries through the promotion of education, counseling and subsidies." The Professor Chuang Ching-Ta (TUMT) said.


"About 80 people from the local community and students and faculties of TUMT participate in the event for 2017 Clean Up the World Weekend. Activity of Forest clean-up and diagnosis is led by the local guide for participants to explore the Fuaou trail which was opened by the ancestors and links Fulong and Mao'ao; Ocean clean-up and diagnosis is led by the TUMT teachers that participants can join in the canoe activity, fishery resources investigation by fishing and remove floating garbages in the sea." The Chief of Fulian Village, Wu Wenyi said.


"The residents of Fulian Village spontaneously formed the Mao'ao Community Development Association, the Mao'ao Bay Watch and the Community Volunteer Team. They take the initiative to carry out the tasks of management and maintenance for Mao'ao Bay and the community environment. Visitors have considered that the environment of the community and the fishing harbor is very clean. Meanwhile, the residents was supervised by the program executive team from the Bureau of Agriculture to reach a consensus and promote the transformation of the fishing village through training courses; the marine industry with blue economic potential is also developed to drive local development." The Agriculture Secretary, Lee Wen said.