An Easy Trip to Mao’ao Fishing Village: Guide Map

  • Date:2017-08-12
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【New Taipei City News】To build an marine-friendly environment, Agricultural Department, New Taipei City Government established auto-guide explanatory signs and used QR-CODE audio tour services to introduce three tourist attractions, namely Li-yang Temple, Mao'ao Fishing Port, and Wu’s Traditional House (stone house) in June, 2016. Taipei University of Marine Technology, Fu-lien Village in Gongliao District, Mao'ao Marine Station, and Mao'ao Community Development Association collaborated to create the community guide map for Mao'ao Fishing Village in June, 2017 which provides introductions to 12 tourist attractions for the public to pay an in-depth visit to the Village by undergoing auto guiding.        


Wen-Yi, Wu, Chief of Fu-lien Village in Gongliao District, said that ever since the appearance of the exclusive color-painted sea walls in Mao'ao Fishing Village, there was a substantial growth in tourist number. In order to let the tourists know more about the fun and worth-visiting spots in Mao'ao Fishing Village, the local government held a plethora of discussions with Taipei University of Marine Technology, Mao'ao Marine Station, the seniors of the local community, and Mao'ao Community Development Association, in order to come up with “the Community Guide Map for Mao'ao Fishing Village” for tourist to get to know Mao'ao Fishing Village in an easy and fun way.


“The Community Guide Map for Mao'ao Fishing Village” is shown on the bulletin board in the community square. Tourists can check out the guide map to see there are numerous spots in Mao'ao Fishing Port, such as Li-yang Temple, Mao'ao Marine Station, Bai-mei B&B, The Easy Space B&B, the color-painted sea walls, Nine Fish Pillar, the stone houses, the ecology park, Fu-mao Trail, Fu-lien Elementary School, Marine Resources Rehabilitation Park, the CPC gas stations, Mao'ao Police Station.     


Agricultural Department stated that with a bid to promote the beautiful scenery and local costumes and cultures of the fishing ports in New Taipei City, it has been managing fishing ports systematically and trying to lead them to a versatile path of developments for years. The fishing ports are now gradually transforming to places with functions of tourism and recreation, yet still maintaining the pure and tranquil appearances along with the hundred-year old houses inherited from the ancestors. Strolling among these pristine ports makes you indulge in the pool of nostalgic memories. The villages of Mao’ao sincerely invite you to come and share the precious memory with them. Pay a visit here in the summertime and sooth your mind with an easy and carefree voyage.


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