Miffy Welcomes Spring at Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf with You!

  • Date:2017-02-15
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The Chinese New Year is around the corner. Have you made any plan for the holiday? Agriculture Department, New Taipei City Government invites you to admire beautiful sea harbor scenery and enjoy the beauty of sunset at Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf. Meanwhile, you can taste freshly caught seafood at Tamsui Fish Market and delicious food at a restaurant on Tamsui boardwalk. Additionally, there are 11 cute figures of Miffy at the harbor to make it livelier. The harbor is a good place for people, young and old, to have fun and take pictures. Let Miffy explore the fishing harbor with you!  

Fisherman's Wharf, Best Place to Taste Seafood

Tamsui is a renowned fishing harbor for tourists. In addition, people come here to enjoy sea breeze and beautiful scenery without any thought of leaving. You can take public transportation to the harbor, which is very convenient. Additionally, there is a spacious parking lot at the harbor, so it is a right place for families. On the first floor of Tamsui Fish Market, you can purchase diverse agricultural and aquatic products. The opening hours of Seafood Restaurant run by Tamsui Fishermen's Association on the second floor will be back to normal (11:00AM~8:00PM) from January 29 (the second day of the Chinese New Year). The restaurant has promoted new dishes for the season, and the excellent quality of these dishes is guaranteed. This certainly is a good place to take your parents to on the day when married women return to their parental homes!

Enjoy Sunset and Meals at Boardwalk

Beautiful sunset at Tamsui is widely known. Strolling the boardwalk to see the sun set from the surface of water is always breathtaking. Stores at the boardwalk include traditional and exotic restaurants which provide diverse choices for people. You can enjoy live light music and old English songs at Waterbay Restaurant while enjoying your meal by the harbor. The opening hours of these stores will be back to normal (12:00PM~10:00PM) from January 28 (the first day of the Chinese New Year). You are welcome to enjoy relaxing time at the harbor.