Scan QR-Code to Verify Food Safety Information about Genuine and Fresh Gongliao Abalones

  • Date:2017-01-07
  • Page View:1875
Agriculture Department, New Taipei City Government has thoughtfully organized order information about Gongliao abalones which have passed the certification of “safe quality food” and can be directly delivered to homes from their place of origin. Numerous abalone stores have the certification including Gongliao District Fishermen's Association, Renhe Abalone, Fresh Fishing Co., Ltd., Fu Bao, 92-Kilometer Weekend Restaurant—Jiuen Store, Nice Store and Zi-Sheng Xu, so customers do not have to go to their place of origin to purchase these abalones. All they have to do is call to purchase fresh and delicious abalones which satisfy their taste buds and which can be enjoyed without worry. 

Wen Li, Director of Agriculture Department indicated that the department has built the characteristic brand Gongliao abalones by integrating abalones with H. discus Reeve produced in Gongliao District with the food production relation of “produced locally and eat locally.” Consumers can scan QR-Code on the safe quality food mark for product information, which is immediately connected to Agriculture Department's website of safe quality food mark for agricultural and fishery products. Transparent information regarding the cultivating and production process and test reports of each abalone and the contact information of abalone providers from the place of origin to abalone fishing can be seen by consumers. The safety of Gongliao abalones in New Taipei City is guaranteed!