Paper Windmill Theater Attracted Visitors to Crowd into Yehliu Fishing Port for Wanli Crab Festival

  • Date:2016-11-04
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It's time for people named Wanli to enjoy Wanli crabs again! “Crab Amusement Park in Yehliu Fishing Port” for Wanli crabs officially began in the fishing port in New Taipei City today (October 22nd). Four Taiwanese named Wanli were invited to enjoy a fresh Wanli crab feast at the venue. Additionally, Paper Windmill Theater performed an exclusive play “The Story of Wanli” for Wanli Fishing Village, and over 3,000 people were attracted to enjoy the performance. New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu also participated in the parade and carnival of “I Love Crabs Most” which brought joyful festival atmosphere to Yehliu Fishing Port and walked along the fishing port with dressed-up people and children today.

First Art Performance at Annual Wanli Crab Festival  

New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu indicated that this year marked the fifth anniversary of the brand “Wanli crabs.” In the beginning, fishermen held banquets to celebrate good catches, and the event has turned into an annual festival for local fishermen to celebrate with visitors, which has successfully improved prosperity in the area. This year, it was the first time for the event to be held with performances, and Paper Windmill Theater was invited to create an exclusive play “The Story of Wanli” for Wanli Fishing Village to let people know more about its local culture and to bring more artistic atmosphere to the festival. Mr. Liu, a visitor, said that this was his first time to attend the event this year, and it was joyful to see installation art of marine creatures by Yehliu Fishing Port and to see the parade of dressed-up actors and children. The event was full of festival atmosphere. He would spend the whole day in Wanli: he would first eat Wanli crabs with his family in a nearby restaurant and then come back to enjoy the performance of Paper Windmill Theater.