For a Sustainable Resource of Wanli Crabs: Fishing of Berried Female Crabs will be banned from the 16th of August to the 15th of November

  • Date:2016-08-31
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【News from New Taipei City】In order to have a sustainable resource of Wanli crabs, the New Taipei City Government continues to propagandize citizens to“catch the big ones and let the small ones go” and “stop eating berried female crabs”. The Government also established a joint inspection team with relevant units to properly enforce illegal fishing. That is, to regulate fishermen from the end of production while appealing to consumers for practicing marine conservation together.


After years of efforts, the New Taipei City Government has made the name “Wanli Crab” renowned and “eating Wanli crabs in autumn” a trend. In order to have a sustainable resource of “Wanli Crab”, Council of Agriculture has promulgated “Regulations Governing Offshore and Coastal Fisheries in Fishing of Crabs” to prohibit the fishing of three-spotted crabs (Portunus sanguinolentus) and flower crabs (Charybdis feriatus) with a shell smaller than 8cm and swimming crabs (Charybdis natator) with a shell smaller than 6cm. In the meantime, the fishing of berried female crabs is also prohibited during the breeding season of Wanli crabs (from the 16th of August to the 15th of November). This will give female and baby crabs a chance to grow up and breed, ensuring a sustainable resource for the crab fishing industry.