A Perfect Ending for 2016 Jinshan Sulfuric Fire Fishing Huanggang Performance The Audiences said: What a Sparkling Performance!

  • Date:2016-08-17
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【New from New Taipei City】 New Taipei City Government, Fisheries Agency of Council of Agriculture and Jinshan District Fishermen’s Association held the “2016 Jinshan Sulfuric Fire Fishing Huanggang Performance” this evening on the 2nd of July. The sulfuric fire fishing boats that usually work outside the port were invited to enter the port and perform sulfuric fire fishing in front of people. Together with professional explanations, the audience were managed to understand this hundred-year old fishing technique. This bustling and intellectual event received lots of positive feedback and over thousands of people crowded into Huanggang!

Huanggang Fishing Port, a tranquil fishing port in ordinary days, became extremely bustling tonight! To promote the hundred-year old fishing technique “Jinshan Sulfuric Fire Fishing”, the City Government has co-worked with Fisheries Agency of Council of Agriculture to assist Jinshan District Fishermen’s Association in holding “2016 Jinshan Sulfuric Fire Fishing Huanggang Performance” at Huanggang Fishing Port this year. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, carnival booths started to be set up in port area. These booths not only provide free try of fishing products and parent-child DIY experiencing activities, but also arranged 7 checkpoints to have fun with the audience! The most popular one was “Hit When the Ball Comes”, which not only challenges audiences’ vision, but also their speed! One of the audiences, Miss Yu, was screaming while hitting the water polo balls with a wooden stick. She said that this was truly an exciting game! Besides, citizens who completed the challenges would receive one stamp and those who collected five stamps also received a scraping painting postcard, which has turned the splendid pictures of sulfuric fire fishing into a wonderful souvenir! After the night fell, three sulfuric fire fishing board started the splendid performance inside the Huanggang port for the audience. Together with professional explanations, the series of fishing procedures –finding fishes, lighting a fire and waving the torch to attract fishes – enabled the audiences to personally experience the shocking pictures of sulfuric fire fishing. Decorated with the fishing fires, the entire port was so bright that the audiences could not help to say: “What a splendid performance!”