World Ocean Day – The City Government and Citizens met at the Maoao Gulf of Gongliao to be Close to the Ocean and Protect Earth

  • Date:2016-08-17
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【News from New Taipei City】 To respond to the arrival of World Ocean Day on the 8th of June, “2016 World Ocean Day – The Inauguration Ceremony of Aquaculture Fishery Demonstration Center of Maoao Gulf of Gongliao”. Planned by the New Taipei City and Fisheries Agency of Council of Agriculture and held by Gongliao District Fishermen’s Association, this event was bustlingly launched at Maoao Ocean Station front square at 14:30 on the 5th of June (Sunday)!

Secretary General of New Taipei City Government Hsu Yu-Ning, Minister of Council of Agriculture Tsao Chi-Hung, Director-General of Fisheries Agency Chen Tian-Shou and Chairperson of Gongliao Fishermen’s Association Chen Guo-Guang have attended this event to reveal the veil of Aquaculture Fishery Demonstration Center of Maoao Gulf of Gongliao and shown the audience the prospect of the Center. A flag was also gifted to Gongliao District Fishermen’s Association and Maoao Gulf Patrol as a symbol of appointing the Fishermen’s Association, Maoao community and other local private groups the missions of autonomously managing and patrolling the land and ocean! Apart from the ceremony, some activities that protect the ocean and let the audience get to know the fishing village culture were also taken place on the same day. For example, the guided tour of Maoao Fishing Village, creative illustration “I Love Maoao Gulf” from artist abroad in France, fishing village characteristic craftworks DIY – Agar Baby, art exhibition of fishing village and ocean market. Finally, accompanied by the ocean and summer wind, everyone enjoyed the characteristics boxed lunch of fishing village under the starry sky of Maoao Gulf with a perfect ending.