Echoing to the World Earth Day, New Taipei City has proactively implemented Three Marine Conservation Strategies

  • Date:2016-05-25
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To echo the World Earth Day (April 22), New Taipei City has proactively implemented three marine conservation strategies: To maintain the marine ecology, it has announced 12 marine conservation areas and conducted patrol mission for more than 82 times; to improve marine environment, it has not only conducted land and water cleaning activities on lands and water of its fishing ports, but also removed covering nets on costal reefs. Over the last three years, it has removed 4.5 tons of covering net in total; to restore marine resources, it not only releases over 100,000 baby abalones every year, but also provides professional guiding tour through Gongliao Marine Resources Restoration Park to promote marine education. The New Taipei City Government has done its biggest efforts to protect the ocean and earth.

Reshaping the Earth with Fewer Plastics: Let’s do it together from Little Things

Director General of Agriculture Department of New Taipei City Li Wen expressed that the City Government would continue its current marine conservation policies and head towards its target of having sustainable marine resources. To reduce the number of plastic wastes, disposable tableware such disposable chopsticks, plastic cups and spoons are now prohibited inside the City Government. Welcome to join us to “Reshape the earth with few plastics” by reducing our use of disposable tableware. Let’s protect earth from little things as it is a mission that we shall take our immediate action!