Bali Xiaguzi Fishing Port Turned into a New Scenic Spot, Hou Youyi Attended the Opening Ceremony of the Fishing Gear Warehouse

  • Date:2023-04-10
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【New Taipei City News】The Fisheries Agency of New Taipei City promotes the "Hi Fishing Port" project to improve the traditional fishing facilities of fishermen and provide fishermen with a safer and more comfortable fishing environment. It also allows fishing ports to be combined with sightseeing and recreation so that the public can be closer to the sea and it can become a new tourist attraction, in order to achieve common prosperity. Today (10th), the mayor, Hou Youyi, attended and announced the official opening of the newly built fishing gear warehouse landscape platform and the second phase of the floating pier in Xiaguzi Fishing Port.
Xiaguzi Fishing Port in Bali District is a port within a port located in Taipei Harbor. It contains 204 fishing boats. In order to improve the old fishing gear warehouses and the overall environment in the port area, 26 new fishing gear warehouses and landscape platforms have been built. At the same time, it has completed the first operation of 6 floating piers of the South Wharf in 2020, as well as the second phase of 5 floating piers and the improvement of the pavement in the port area to connect the bicycle lanes at the East Wharf of the port area. The construction cost is about 39 million NTD, and the port greatly improves the safety and convenience of fishermen's operations; furthermore, Xiaguzi Fishing Port has been transformed into a new scenic spot on the Youthful Mountain-Sea Line in Bali.
In the past, fishermen converted containers into temporary warehouses to store net gear, which not only turned rusty easily, but also had insufficient storage space. Some fishermen directly stacked fishing gear in the port area, resulting in a messy environment and unfavorable management. Therefore, this project built 26 new fishing gear warehouses. Compared with the original temporary containers, the space increased by 6 times, benefiting nearly 204 fishing boats. In addition, foreign fishermen are the closest partners of fishermen in sea operations. At present, most foreign fishermen in New Taipei City are Indonesian, and Indonesia is the country with the largest number of Muslims in the world. Religion not only has a profound impact on the country’s culture, but also goes far as the spiritual sustenance of the crew working in foreign lands, so this fishing gear warehouse project specially planned to set up a prayer room for fishermen of different beliefs. Part of the landscape platform on the second floor also has a rest function, and the pavement around the port area has also been improved and afforested, which makes the overall environment of Xiaguzi Fishing Port refreshing.
Hou Youyi, Mayor of New Taipei City, said that regarding to all the fishing ports, the city government team are trying their best to listen to the voices of fishermen and local people, and improve for everyone. This time, the new Xiaguzi fishing gear warehouse was built to solve the problem of fishermen’s fishing gear placement, and a prayer room was set up to meet the needs of multi-faith culture. Furthermore, the integration of totem aesthetics and engineering concepts improve the overall visual quality and landscape characteristics of the port area, and add a landscape platform for the public to enjoy the sunset and sea view. The Xiaguzi fishing port has become a new highlight of the youthful mountain-sea line.
The Fisheries Agency of New Taipei City stated that in recent years, the "Hi Fishing Port" project has been promoted. Based on the characteristics of the fishing port, the needs of fishermen, and surrounding attractions, it will continue to refine and improve the facilities of fishing ports, and create local scenic spots to connect the youthful mountains and seas. At present, 14 fishing ports have been reversed, combining local characteristics to promote night economic activities in fishing ports, and develop towards an "agricultural and healthy city". This year, in addition to Xiaguzi Fishing Port, there are two continuous improvement projects in Houcuo Fishing Port and Guihou Fishing Port. 14 fishing ports will continue to be reversed in the next 4 years.


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Director briefing on the functions of fishing gear warehouse and floating pier (open in a new window)Director briefing on the functions of fishing gear warehouse and floating pierjpg
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