Ice Factory—Important Promoter of Fresh Catch on the Dining Table

  • Date:2022-07-11
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[New Taipei City News]Seafood is commonly seen delicacies on our dining table, and it provides New Taipei City citizens with rich nutrients. There is an important role behind the delicacies, and that is the “ice factory” at fishing ports. Why is the ice factory important? Let’s learn more about the backstage contributor to delicious seafood!
New Taipei City has 145 kilometers of coastline, and 28 fishing ports which produce rich and diverse aquatic products. These fishing ports are important fishery bases in northern Taiwan. Among which, Yehliu Fishing Port in Wanli District and Aodi Fishing Port in Gongliao District have one ice factory each. The two ice factories provide approximately 10,000 tons of ice cubes for fishery in total every year. They serve local fishing ports, fishermen as well as neighboring fish markets and catch that is transported in the Great Taipei area or neighboring counties and cities. Therefore, ice cubes are critical to keep catch fresh when it is processed. The manager of an ice factory indicated that the ice factory plays an important role and has an important mission—making ice cubes—for fishery. Water is first poured into each section of ice tanks to freeze. After ice cubes form, they are crushed by the crusher and transported to fishing boats or delivery trucks to be used by fishing boats working at sea and transporting companies to keep fish catch from the sea frozen and fresh from the time it is caught in the sea, and loaded and unloaded at fishing ports, enabling people to enjoy a variety of fresh aquatic products from different locations. Ice cubes are especially important to fishing boats without freezing equipment, which go fishing on the sea for one to two days because it is easy for fish catch to go bad or rot due to the temperature within one hour after they are loaded on boats. Therefore, ice cubes are required to lower the temperature to extend the shelf life of catch. Additionally, unloading, boxing and transporting catch require ice cubes to keep fish catch frozen after fishing boats enter a fishing port. It is more important to race against time. It looks simple, but no negligence is allowed. Once fish catch is not frozen, fish rot easily, germs multiply, and fishy smells are produced, which affect not only the taste of aquatic products, but also food safety. Therefore, these ice cubes are important contributors to keep fish catch fresh as if it is freshly caught from the sea!
Director-general of Fisheries and Fishing Port Affairs Management Office, New Taipei City Government, indicated that the “ice factory” is an important facility of a fishing port. These ice cubes guarantee the quality of catch and food safety, and enable people to taste fresh catch from different fishing ports. Therefore, when you enjoy fresh delicacies from offshore, please do not forget that the ice factory and its employees are important promoters who silently contribute to this behind the scenes in addition to showing appreciation to hardworking fishermen and chefs. You are welcome to visit fishing ports in New Taipei City, purchase local high-quality aquatic products to add gifts from the ocean to your dining table, supporting fishermen with your action as well!


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After ice cubes are crushed, they are delivered to the truck or boxed to keep fish catch fresh. (open in a new window)After ice cubes are crushed, they are delivered to the truck or boxed to keep fish catch fresh.jpg
With the help of ice cubes, the fresh and savory taste of catch is locked. (open in a new window)With the help of ice cubes, the fresh and savory taste of catch is locked.jpg
Clean water is poured into the ice tank to freeze. (open in a new window)Clean water is poured into the ice tank to freeze.jpg