Hi Fishing Port-Fuji Fishing Harbor Motorcycle Rest Stop Completion and Opening Ceremony The northernmost motorcycle stop, new scenic spots to check in, and sea view for endless photos

  • Date:2021-04-27
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[New Taipei City News] New Taipei City has built a new scenic spot for check-in at Fuji Fishing Harbor-Fuji Fishing Harbor Motorcycle Rest Stop. The opening ceremony was held today (27th) under the witness of Mayor Hou Youyi and motorcycle riders, the Fuji Fishing Harbor is located in the far north of Taiwan. The first motorcycle rest stop in the fishing harbor was officially opened. Today’s opening ceremony specially invited YAMAHA’s most sunny and energetic YJT motorcycle women’s team to participate. At the same time, the YAMAHA team’s newly revised motorcycle travel map in April this year also specifically listed Fu Ji Fishing Harbor as an important check-in spot. Invite riders to check in and exchange for gifts while enjoying the joy of riding on the coastline.

The New Taipei City Government promotes the Hi Fishing Harbor project. In addition to optimizing the traditional fishing environment of fishermen and enhancing fishermen’s work safety, it also combines local characteristics and tourism industries. The alliance between different industries makes the fishing harbor more diversified. Fu Ji Fishing Harbor is the northernmost fishing harbor in Taiwan with a prosperous traditional fishing industry. There is a fish product direct sales center in the port area, which is the best place for people to taste fresh seafood. Organized and designed a platform from a messy space at the corner of the embankment in the original port area so that motorcycle riders can directly ride on the platform to watch the invincible ocean view of the North Coast, and make the surrounding environment green and beautify. The base of the motorcycle platform also has the effect of blocking waves and enhances the safety of the port area.

Mayor Hou Youyi said that the newly completed motorcycle rest stop is constructed using the corner space of the port area to create a variety of recreational and leisure surroundings. The simple and flexible route design allows riders with different needs to find suitable parking spaces. It is worth mentioning that the overall planning of the stop uses light and environmentally friendly colors, and the shape of the crescent moon is a metaphor for fish, presenting the situation of leisurely swimming in it. In addition to benefiting motorcycle riders, it also increases the visibility and discussion of Fu Ji Fishing Harbor. People from all areas are welcome to come and find out.

The Bureau of Agriculture of the New Taipei City Government has planned three distinctive check-in attractions around the Fuji Fishing Harbor, including the construction of a multi-functional jetty, which not only improves the port’s quietness and stability and makes fishermen’s operations safer, but also has art and cultural performances, for party events and the best square to watch the sunset and the invincible sea view. The Fuji Fish Direct Sales Center has a Mexican hat-shaped roof. The building style is unique and very eye-catching. The fresh seafood is the favorite of the gourmets. In addition, the motorcycle rest stop opened today shows a more diversified Fu Ji fishing harbor one can imagine to meet the needs of different groups.

In addition to the motorcycle rest stop, a dedicated parking space for motorcycle riders is planned in the Fuji Fishing Harbor area. On the day of opening today (27th), if you check in at the Fuji Fishing Harbor, upload it to your personal FB or IG, and with the uploaded screen you can redeem a cup of coffee at the newly set up "Noodle Bakery" at the Fish Product Sales Center of Fuji Fishing Harbor. You can also get a premium discount if you go to the fish market on the same day by presenting you check-in screen from your mobile phone.