North Coast Fashion Art Festival in Fuji: Crossover Beyond Imagination

  • Date:2020-08-29
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[New Taipei City News] In order to promote the transformation of fishing ports and their night economy, the municipal government actively organized the North Coast 2020 Light Festival during the summer vacation. Today (September 29th, 2020), the "North Coast Fashion Art Festival" organized by Gioia Pan’s designer team was held at Fuji Fishing Port. New Taipei Mayor Hou Yu-Ih attended the event in person with fashionistas in Taiwan to showcase Taiwan’s first crossover innovative cooperation with the multi-functional quay pier in the Fuji Fishing Port, making this transformation of Fuji Fishing Port beyond imagination! Not only Mickey Huang was invited to be the host of this year’s North Coast Fashion Art Festival, but celebrities such as top model Patina Lin, actor Vivian Chen, and singer Daniel Lo were invited to attend the event. In addition to the reveal of Gioia Pan's 2021 spring and summer collection, the stage is also provided for graduating students of College of Fashion and Textiles, Fu-Jen Catholic University to publish their graduation projects. All sorts of discounts and special deals of the Fuji Fishing Market and the Fishing Port YA City project are combined so that customers who come to Fuji during summer nights would never think of leaving.

[Interdisciplinary Cooperation: Stimulus Fashion Trend Transforms Fishing Ports and Befriends with the Younger Generation]
The construction of the newly built multi-functional quay piers in Fuji Fishing Port was completed at the beginning of 2020. In addition to improving the port’s stability and increasing the number of berthed ships, the new construction method was also used to increase the site area of ​​the piers, allowing the recreational space to extend to the center of the fishing port for the public. In order to break through the stereotype of fishing ports that can only be used for traditional fishing, this event includes the large and flat multi-functional quay piers to organize a crossover fishing port fashion show beyond imagination with the fashion industry of which fashion shows couldn’t be held indoor due to the recent pandemic. Designer Gioia Pan's 2021 spring and summer collection and the outstanding graduation works of the graduating students of College of Fashion and Textiles, Fu-Jen Catholic University are showcased on site. The star-studded scene of the event included participation of fashionista in Taiwan, showing that fishing ports can also become a venue for cultural and artistic performances and break the limit of stereotypes. Mayor Hou said that in order to continue to provide more young students with a stage to show their vitality and achievements and to promote the diversified use of fishing ports, the piers will be open and ready to recruit young people from the designing industry or young people from colleges and universities in various fields to come here for graduation exhibitions early next year. The construction of the hardware and software of fishing ports will continue in order to make them more friendly to young people, and the transformed fishing ports can grow with the infusion of youth vitality.

[Grand Opening of Fishing Port YA City, Experience the Lively Night Times of Fishing Ports]
The "North Coast Fashion Art Festival" also invites vendors of clothing, accessories, desserts, cold drinks, hand-made cultural creations, etc. to the featured market, allowing people to come to the Fuji Fishing Port during the event. You can not only pick your fresh and delicious seafood, but also satisfy the desire to go shopping. The Fishing Port YA City event will be open during 4 pm - 8 pm from August 29th to September 13th. The Fuji Fishing Market has also extended the projection time of the Mexican hat light sculpture to 9 pm, so that visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset falling into the sea while visiting the Fishing Port YA City, but also enjoy the light sculpture projection on the roof of the Fuji Fishing Market at night. Your imagination of fishing ports will be completely subverted by this new spot not to be missed during the limited time!

[Fashion and Delicacies, Special Deals and Discounts in the Fuji Fishing Market!]
The city government stated that there will be three weekends from August 29th to September 13th and cooperation with Fuji Fishing Market to release special discounts. In the first week, as long as you spend 1,000NTD in Fuji Fishing Market, you can participate in the 500-3,000NTD discount coupon lottery. During the second to third week, you can participate in the lucky draw if you spend 3,000NTD or more and go to the restaurant area for valet cooking. The biggest prize is a 40-inch LCD TV! In addition to the above deals, in order to promote the night economy of fishing ports, Fuji Fishing Market will offer night-time limited discounts during the event period, and you can get extra fresh seafood when you spend over certain amount! Let’s go to Fuji Fishing Port to enjoy the sea breeze, see the sunset, eat fresh seafood, and visit the night market!