New Taipei City keeps clearing net covering the reef, activating the fish reef and protecting the ocean

  • Date:2019-07-04
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In order to maintain the marine ecological environment and sustainability, Fisheries and Fishing Port Affairs Management Office under New Taipei City keeps clearing the net stuck on the fish reef. This year, they targeted at the areas in Tamsui, Jinshan, and Gongliao and commissioned a professional company to remove the nets, activating the reef area.
The artificial reef does not only gather fish but also can serve as a shelter for marine creatures to stay or hide from enemies; on the other hand, the natural reef is the habitats for the diverse natural marine creatures. However, no matter it is an artificial or a natural reef, once covered by the fishing nets the function of gathering fish would be weakened, and might also cause many creatures strangled to death. In order to maintain the reef habitat environment, Fisheries, and Fishing Port Affairs Management Office, New Taipei City budgets for the fishing net removing every year to clear the reef area. In recent seven years (2012 to 2018), they had cleared out over 18 tons of fishing net. This year they targeted at Tamsui, Jinshan, and Gongliao areas,aiming to restore and reactivate the reef area functions and benefit the local fishery resources.
Mr. Lee Wen, the director of New Taipei City Agriculture Bureau said that regard of the maintenance of marine creature habitats, New Taipei City has listed the area that fishery is prohibited with fishing tools and nets. Moreover, they also updated the areas on the list in 2015, including seven artificial reefs areas, Linkou, Bali,Tamsui, Tiaoshi, Wanli, Shen’ao, and Aodi, and two protected areas in Linkou and Ruifang. In these areas, the fishery boats with nets and other tools are prohibited to enter. They also called for the attention on the location and the ocean current status
while using the fishing nets so that they can prevent from entering the restricted area and impacting on the habitat environment. The Office will continue to conduct the net removing in the reef area to activate the fish reef and guard our ocean.