Fishing Period for Eel Fries is to End on February 28. No Illegal Fishing Is Allowed beyond the Date.

  • Date:2019-02-21
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【New Taipei City News】
The four-month fishing period for eel fries will end on February 28 this year (2019). In accordance with “Regulations Governing Fishing Period for Eel Fries” and “Notices for Fishing Eel Fries along the Coast” of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, all counties and cities except Hualien County and Taitung County are forbidden to fish eel fries from March 1, 2019 to October 31, 2019 in the waters within three nautical miles from the coast, intertidal zones and estuary waters. Eel fry fishermen are requested to cooperate with the regulations to maintain the sustainable development of the eel fry industry.

Fishermen Are Requested to Preserve Resources in No-Fishing and Conservation Period for Eels

Zhao-Hua Wang, director of Fisheries and Fishing Port Affairs Management Office, New Taipei City Government (hereinafter referred to as The Management Office), indicated that eel fry fishing is Taiwan's traditional fishery; as artificial cultivation technology for eels is still developing, all eel fries that eel farmers cultivate are caught from the wild. Tamsui District is the chief fishing place for eel fries in New Taipei City, accounting for 15%-24% of national output in recent years. The fishing period for eel fries this time started on November 1, 2018. Although temperature and sea states were bad, numerous fishermen were still attracted to catch eel fries at estuaries and intertidal zones, bracing for cold winds and surges. Earning from eel fries which are sold at NT$80-NT$130 each is a red envelop (monetary gift) from the God for Chinese New Year.

The Management Office pointed out that eel fry fishing is an important industry of Taiwan. Immediate attention is required for the conservation of eel fries as the resources are gradually declining. Fishermen are requested to register and keep a fishing journal to facilitate scientific researches and studies for eels (eel fries) and resource management, evaluation and planning in the future. Those who violate regulations for the no-fishing period for eel fries, no matter it is “manual” fishing by the coast or fishing at sea with fishing boats (rafts), will be fined not less than NT$30,000 and not more than NT$150,000. Therefore, The Management Office urged fishermen to abide by the regulations to maintain the sustainable development of the traditional eel fry fishery.